M and I are in Fort Bragg after a 7 hour trip that should have been covered in about half that time due to a 150 mile drive in essentially a wrong direction.

What makes this dreadfully embarrassing? We have been to and through Fort Bragg dozens of times on our way too or from somewhere else. Even worse, M and I both grew up in our town and know the freeways in and out and what directions they go and where they take us. And then on top of that, M is a commercial driver and typically looks up and plans the routes when we go somewhere. Since he always drives, I never even think about the route.

Today a your brains obviously fell out before we left.

We we took a different freeway than usual.  M did not plan the route and thout Fort Bragg was much further north. The different freeway was 100 miles inland, which we would have had to travel anyway. But the traveling back down 125 miles to cross over was painful.

Updated to note I started this on Sunday but wonky wifi kept me from posting it last night.

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