M and I typically have a house full of people this time of year. This year, we have had 4 people call and tell us they had made other arrangements with less than 24 hours notice. A little rude, we thought, but much more disappointing to M than to me. I mean, these runner people are more aligned with him, and I think his expectations of courtesy are higher. 

The reasons are varied, and I can understand their feeling closer to the course is always better. Thankfully we had not bulked up on food and drink, and M has decided not to host our Sunday bbq this year. I am not sure what to say or to think … other than the sudden, last-minute decision with only a vague explanation is unsettling. These are still people we like and look forward to seeing, just not this year, apparently. 

On the brighter side, I have the entire weekend and house all to myself. M will still be away watching the race and crewing a few of our friends, so I should be able to burn through a bunch of stuff that gets impeded with him underfoot. 

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