Just call me sneezy …

Allergies. The absolute bane of my existence lately. I know I’m fortunate, not having severe food allergies or having to pursue medical interventions to a great degree, but it’s frustrating. I have lived in the densely treed section of northern California my entire life and have never been as afflicted by seasonal allergies as this year. 

Either I’m hyped up on sudafed to control my nasal faucet or I am semi-stoned on allergy medications. Zyrtec usually works well for me, but not this year. I’ve tried claritin, allegra, plus several other OTC medications with varying worrisome side effects that did little to control my symptoms. In desperation have been adding local honey to anything I typically use sweetener in and am including a small amount of local bee pollen to post-rowing protein shakes, yet I am still sneezing, without warning one or both eyes will suddenly begin watering and my nose will suddenly running.

It was 106 here today and I went through half a box of kleenex. I have never been this bad in summer. Crazy.

My theory is that watching my diet, getting a lot more exercise, and all the dust reduction M does while I am away from the house are actually backfiring. If I slouched back and ate crap, counted typing as my daily exercise, and let those hidden dust bunnies be fruitful and multiply I would probably be less sneezy and snotty. Or so I tell myself when I want to flop on the couch with a pint of hagen daz.

I know, I know … mine are pretty dang far from first world problems.

Outside of the constant, violent sneezing and periodic, unpredictably spontaneous eye and nose watering, things are going well in my corner of the world. I have a doctor appointment next week with my endocrinologist, and while I have recently been much better in my eating and exercise habits, it’s a day-to-day choice I make about whether to strive to be well or fall completely off the wagon and into a big bowl of sugar. The allure of junk food is never far for me, and my periodic indulgences are significantly less than they were just a month ago. June was a good month for diet and exercise, so I am happy about that.

It’s June 30, and the first half of 2014 is concluding. Tomorrow is a new month, but I am working on living one day at a time and not getting too far ahead of myself. I get into trouble when I start thinking and dreaming and wanting too many different things. For July I’m trying to focus on continuing improving my eating habits. Moderation. Balance. I am trying. The worst part is not giving up and allowing my broad, black-and-white failure feelings keep me from trying again in the next days until I am again on track with my pursuit of better health. Everyone I know and trust says it is a process, that habits do not change overnight. This obviously includes cultivating patience, though it feels as if my patience muscle is nonexistent rather than just woefully underdeveloped. 

But I am trying, and mostly I am succeeding. Hopefully by the end of July I will have some consistent relief from my seasonal allergy symptoms as well. A girl has to have some hope, right?

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