Happy, happy, joy, joy ….

Years ago, I banned M from ever collecting the mail. This was before the invention of online statements and email reminders, and after being late twice with bills (and the associated late fees), I made him promise to not take anything from the mailbox. I realized he was trying to be helpful, because our mailbox was down the street in one of those clusters. Only problem was he’d get the mail, toss it into the back seat of his car, and forget about it. So he was forbidden from collecting it. EVER.

Today was the first time in a very long time that he collected mail from the garage, and the only reason for that is he was doing polishing headlights on his car and the mailman handed it to him. He’s trainable, though, and this many years later he promptly brought the stack in and set it on my desk, right on top my keyboard where I surely could not miss it.

Why is this relevant, you might be wondering, other than I have a control issues with regard to incoming mail? Today’s mail brought forth a little package from the lovely and talented Carla at halfdozendaily.typepad.com. I was a little surprised, having just ordered one of her little zippy pouches a couple of days ago. But no, my zippy pouch is still enroute from Canada. Instead, there was a super sweet card ….

Love this! Handmade and hand written note – a rare treat!

Plus this lovely placemat that fits perfectly under my Macbook’s external keyboard and touch pad.

Perfect coordinate with my keyboard cover.


What my keyboard and touch pad conceals.

I have ordered a number of things from Carla in the past few years, and she is she is my go-to source for baby gifts and other unique family and friend gifts. She also makes things for my many miscellaneous functions (a bunch of her mini zippy wallets became gift card holders for a recent raffle), plus super cute organizing solutions for all the crap stuff I believe I cannot live without on a day-to-day basis. No matter what I have come up with as a need or desire, her creation surpasses my expectations. I am a delighted client and devoted fan of her work. Plus she has become a very dear friend that I value and treasure.

My preference and love for black and red is well documented, and for her to create this lovely piece that works so perfectly on my desk was an amazingly sweet and generous gift. I am happy, surprised, and overwhelmed by her generosity! Carla, I LOVE IT! Thank you, dear friend, for thinking of me and sending such a sweet gift, especially after the couple of bitchy moody days with work and life challenges.

2 thoughts on “Happy, happy, joy, joy ….

  1. Awww… thanks soo much for your kind words!!! xox The beautiful card, I did not make… a friend did, isn’t it gorgeous!? But i’m so glad you liked the mini runner… I kinda knew you would! 😉 We all have “moody” days… we just have to hope they’re more rare than often! lol! Hugs!

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