This has been an expensive weekend. Probably 98% of it is planned or budgeted spending, but it still does something to me when we do a lot of buying in a short period of time. My “shoppers high” becomes engaged and I can feel the addictive response to shop more, buy more, keep going, keep spending to maintain that artificial glow.

M is a distance runner and requires replacement shoes, insoles, and socks on a fairly regular schedule. This weekend the stars and moon aligned and made for all those purchases happen.

  • Shoes: the newest pair of shoes were $120. This is a new style for him, but after 10 miles in the last 2 days in them, they are definitely keepers. Only I found last year’s version of the same shoe (which I also wear – one pair for rowing/gym and one pair for walking/kicking around) for $55 on, which we ordered because if they work at least as well as the current model, he’d be happy to have those and an extra pair on the shelf to keep him going for a longer period at a reduced price. Wonderful. Fingers and toes crossed he likes them and I can get a second pair for the same price, meaning no new shoes will be needed for 9 months to a year, depending on his mileage. He’s amping up here, going from 2-5 miles per day, every day, to 10-25 miles per day, every day.
  • Socks: M wears specialized toe socks that are not cheap anywhere. If I am very lucky I can find them for $7 per paid, but right now I am not very lucky and am paying $10 per pair. *sigh* We try to rotate them, but there is no getting around that high of mileage is very hard on socks. I purchased 6 pairs of regular, 4 pair of wool, and 2 new experimental styles. Total damage was $130. For socks. Hopefully we get at least a year out of them.
  • Gear: M is pretty good about the gear, and I have shopping alerts for the running shorts he prefers and successfully acquired 10 pairs for $7 each last year, so we’re good on that. Shirts we buy at Costco when they have something he likes, and his UnderArmour heatgears have been holding up pretty well and he has 2 or 3 in reserve from the last time I found them on good sale. It’s other little things, like the specialized headscarf things we found yesterday that can add up and get expensive. Fortunately my son works in a boutique and we get his discount on purchases. However, call me weird but I do not like to take advantage that way, and I only use it for specialty items that catch M’s eye whenever we stop in for something or to say hi. With the discounts they were ONLY $21 for 2, and thus far M says they do what he wants (protects his shaved head from sunburn) and keeps the sweat from dripping into his eyes. Win!
  • Insoles: M needs new insoles every 6 months to a year. Like his shoes, he tends to rotate and cycle a couple of sets and only purchase new ones every so often. This weekend, $30 later, a new set has been added to his rotation.
  • Supplements: I have a budget line item for vitamins, protein powders, running fuel goodies. We use the same protein powder, so it’s both of us on that, but M also takes a variety of supplements and needs chomps or other fuel for his longer and longer runs. He is currently experimenting with new flavors of chomps, but we also found some other products and bought a couple of packages to test before we buy an entire box. I have a list of things I’m searching for be price for online.

It has not been all about M and his fitness expenses, because I am still in denial about the Kate Spade Saturday bag I ordered until it actually arrives and I decide whether it’s staying or not. Food prices are rising and we tend to pursue both fresh, organic fruits, vegetables, and produce as well as organic mean and staples as well. The cherries and other fruits are wonderful this time of year, and we eat a lot of it while it’s available. No complaints, though; it’s good for us.

But I also saw and fell hard for bedroom furniture we saw yesterday. M liked it a lot as well, but unfortunately the sizes of what we really want are just off enough that we cannot go with it. Frustrating. It doesn’t help that times like this, when something I love is just sooooo close but not quite that M reminds me that spending $3000 on furniture we love but cannot make work in our bedroom is not a good idea. I really don’t want to hear it! I am in lust and want to remodel the house to make it work! Or let’s go somewhere else and buy something really super high end expensive that I don’t like as much, won’t be as happy with, and will regret just to satisfy my spending lust.

In the midst of spending lust, the last thing I want to hear is the voice of reason. In my mind it is like heroin withdrawal light … very, Very, VERY light … but still my brain pumps out all sorts of tragedy and drama hormones. *sigh* Thankfully it will pass. Eventually.

I am baking some brown butter and sea salt chocolate chip cookies to assuage my addiction. Thankfully I am sort of lukewarm on these (I love traditional tollhouse, with chopped pecans), but my son and his crew love them to pieces. I shall be the oh-so-popular mom in the morning when I drop them off.



3 thoughts on “Spending high

  1. I find that summer is always soo much more expensive!! Our money has been sifting away as well.. I just ordered a new portable bed for our Japanese homestay girl, but am doing ok this week… thankfully with my sewing I have $$ coming in, so we still manage to come in ahead of the game. I think you made the right choice on your bedroom set… just means there’s a *perfect* set out there somewhere just waiting to be found!! 🙂

    1. Yes, I agree, and my aversion to hearing the Voice of Reason has passed. M is right – it doesn’t work, so we should pass and either get busy looking for something or be patient until we either need or are really ready to shop for something else. The funniest thing about this was I just said to him last Thursday that I felt like we should just buy a replacement Ikea dresser when our existing pair start breaking down. Cheap as they are, these dressers function almost perfectly as a place to keep my clothes. I have been coping with a loose face board that came off every time I opened one of the drawers, so he got out the gorilla glue and fixed it for me. At least that annoyance in no longer feeding my resentment and desire to dwell in the dark side of a spending frenzy.

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