The high was 107 today, and even now, at nearly 8 p.m., it’s still 93 degrees outside. I gone for a swim and completed my rowing, and am now settling down and enjoying the A/C. M, unfortunately, must still go out for his run, but he’s waiting for dark and some relief in the blistering heat.

We have both lived in this area most of our lives, yet each summer the first really hot day takes us by surprise.

It has actually been a really great day for me. Work was busy for the crew with an unexpected emergency job that took a couple of them out into the bay area and hopefully out of the heat. One of my favorite clients is sadly drifting into dementia, but our work is officially completed and his daughter brought him in today with a final check for services rendered and to say thank you. I was the only one in the office he actually knows, so we had a nice chat and I only had to introduce myself twice this time. I was a bittersweet visit, because he’s slipping away and also has terminal cancer, so perhaps it is a blessing as well. His daughter shook my hand and then hugged me tight, said she appreciated my kindness to her parents through the years. His wife passed away about 5 years ago, and I that was about the time his memory issues became more noticeable. They had been married 68 years when she died, and I loved it when they had their lunch dates to come by the office with a check for us. They would banter playfully back and forth as I was writing out their receipt and photocopying their check, having them sign the paperwork I needed. I was genuinely grieved when she died suddenly, and I will miss him and our quarterly appointments. Our office is extraordinarily informal, yet every three months they would call and schedule a formal time to come in to see their project manager and me, discuss the work being done, pay their bill, and regale us with tales of their trips, their holidays, their children, grandchildren, and great grandchildren. It feels like a family member is leaving my life.

There was that, today. And then there was the less pleasant aspect of employee benefits and the changes coming. *sigh* I have come to truly hate benefits administration. What a mere two years ago was a barely acceptable medical insurance plan has become a really GREAT plan now, only it’s going away at the end of this year. I am not happy, and I am quite sure my associates will be unhappy as well. Paying more for less benefits does not seem like much of a good deal.

And now it’s 9, and finally a reasonable 84 degrees. A pleasant Monday, all around.

2 thoughts on “it’s soooo hot ….

  1. That’s interesting. I was just thinking today of an older worker we used to have out of FL. Everyone in the office loved her, and knew her husband. She passed away back in 2011, and boy, did it hurt. Was just thinking about her and her husband, who calls me every so often. Indeed, it’s hard to see the unofficial family slip away. Best wishes to him and his family. (I too hate all the changes going on with benefit administration!)

  2. Working closely with some clients you develop genuine respect and affection for them. I am glad it’s not just me who does this. And I knew you would be feeling my pain on the benefits adminstration process … most despised aspect of my job.

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