M and I have no pets, but we are greatly entertained by the three Maine Coon cats owned by our next door neighbor. This is Pesto, our absolute favorite of the trio, investigating the trash can where we keep the 40 lb. bag of sunflower/bird seed mix we put out for the squirrels and birds. The squirrels have already chewed a hole through the top in an unsuccessful attempt to raid our stash.

M caught Pesto yesterday trying to see what was up with that …PestoClimbs

Followed by the typical “who me?” stare …

Classic Pesto. We have spent many an hour being entertained by his antics on our deck stalking squirrels, drinking from our pool, and simply skulking around the yard. We have also spent invested a fair amount in cat treats to buy the tolerance of these three cat brothers. Worth every penny.



2 thoughts on “Gratuitous cat pics

    1. Or vet bills! But honestly, we are such softies, we ended up feeding and watching over them when their owner was hospitalized for a few months last summer.

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