I am a big believer in random acts of kindness. Many times I have been the recipient of such gestures of such generosity (thanks again Carla!) and I have always liked the idea of paying it forward. It’s rarely a big, life-altering event, but even a simply card or email to an old friend to try and brighten their day, a small gift, a phone call. Just because. Sometimes I think it is a little selfish, because I like the good feeling I get from the tiny surprises and smiles they create.

Through various circumstances, I had acquired 3 extra crockpots. All were new, in their boxes, and while two of them had been opened and peered into, these were brand new items. Tania over at workingforagoal.com had an adjustment in living arrangements and is back at home with her parents and doing a lot of the dinner meal preparation and really needed one. In concert with another friend, I acquired her address and planned to ship her one of the crockpots on my shelf.

Except shipping was almost $45 and would take 7 to 10 days to arrive at her home. Same brand new crockpot on Amazon.com was 2/3 that price, free 2-day shipping (I have Amazon prime). Being an aspiring frugalista and an accounting professional, I realized the math made more sense to go with Amazon, use some of my stockpiled points for the purchase, and voila! Done deal. AFTER two orders and two cancellations (both times I forgot to change the shipping address until after I submitted the order), I finally got it right. Tania’s crock pot was delivered yesterday, and I cannot wait to see what she chooses to prepare first.

As for the other three crockpots on the shelf? I listed them on craigslist at $10 each and had a very nice lady get back to me almost immediately wanting all three of them. Just a few hours after listing them the woman had picked them up and paid the $30 cost. She has since emailed me again with thanks for the great deal. She and her husband both work full-time, care for both sets of parents and have 4 children, so the multiple crock pots is a huge timesaver. 

I have a healthy respect for karma, so I always strive to be kind. Plus I do not ever want to turn into my mother and have things in reserve plus one I never use. I grew up in a house covered in plastic and towels and new items received as gift stayed in their boxes and were put away into closets for sometime into the future … a future that sadly never came. After she died and I was going through and cleaning out her home for sale, I found so many nice, beautiful things she had acquired or been gifted through the years and never wore or used because they were “too nice” and therefore wrapped in tissue or newspaper and enclosed in plastic bags and boxes for safekeeping. Around here, we use the good crystal and if we had fine china we would be eating off of it. I wear my nice clothes and good shoes and use my ridiculously expensive handbags. Our pots and pans are nice and displayed and used every single day. Yes, stuff happens, glasses break, clothing and shoes have accidents or gets worn out, pots and pans lose their shine and acquire scratches with extended use. But we haver real memories to share and tales to tell about what we have, and I am glad of that. 

Sending Tania a crock pot was a very targeted act of kindness meant for someone who richly deserves a tool to simplify her life. Knowing it’s not going to be in a box somewhere gathering dust makes me smile as well.   


5 thoughts on “Crock pot tales

  1. Oh wow, shipping is expensive! Hope this one didnt cost too much. I had been eyeing so many models, but wasn’t committing to my first one just yet. I really appreciate the gift, truly! I’ll make sure it gets a name and lots of love.

    1. T, do not need to worry about the cost. I admire your dedication to helping your family and know this will save you both money and time. So glad you like it!

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