I was reading on Amazon today about their new unlimited program. I am a reader, so I am sorely tempted to sign up and read, Read, READ everything I can lay hands upon for $9.99 month. 

At $9.99 per month, I am on the fence about whether it’s for me or not. I do read a great deal, but there are periods when I simply lack time to read much at all. Work demands, adventuring demands, guests all tend to impact how much reading I get done. 

I have signed up for my 30 day free trial, because at a glance there are several books I have wanted to read but been unwilling to pay the price to purchase the Kindle versions. Our local library is small and does not keep hours convenient for me, on top of which I would be completely paranoid about losing the books I check out or racking up fines for not returning them. 

I’ve already gotten a couple of titles to read, but I haven’t started either yet. Possibly later tonight, after all my Saturday chores. Either way, i have a reminder set for day 28 of the 30 day trial so i can cancel if it seems like i am not going to utilize it enough.



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