Our weekend is winding down out here on the deck. We have had an unusually cloudy and overcast weekend, including a light sprinkling of rain. In California, any rain is welcome in the present drought conditions we are enduring. Plus the novelty of rain in July is a nice change of pace from the arid heat.

We have hummingbird feeders all over the rear of our home. We have one in front of each of the 5 large windows and 2 on the deck, so those little guys are well covered on the food chain. M and I both love seeing them fluttering around, and every morning as the sun rises we can see their shadow on the shade leading to the backyard. 

Tonight M is out here, at dusk, with the little LED laser light show light pointed up toward the ceiling of the deck and out into the yard, calling the birds. The lights are green and red and create this dancing pin-point carnival of lights, bringing them to our deck like moths to flame. They are buzzing around all over the place, hitting the feeders, dancing in front of our faces, close enough so my hair moves with the rapid beating of their wings. It’s enchanting and magical to see them flying about and reminds me how the simplest of things in life bring so much beauty and peace to my over-scheduled, stressed-out world. 

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