I am starting to do twice daily workouts. Not because i think it will make me that much more fabulous that much sooner, although I have hope this is true. No, it’s much simpler … stress. Full-time job is stressing me out for very narrow, very stupid reasons. I am obsessing over small stuff and want to slap myself silly trying to make it stop. I just am not into self-flagellation and M is far too kind a person to kick me in the ass when necessary. *sigh*

The stupid part of this equation? It is a new employee that is a disaster as far as “fit” with existing staff and office culture. That makes me feel kind of bad, because we have a good, supportive group of laid-back staff that want people to succeed. This guy is not even willing to try to meet us halfway, and for the job we hired him (marketing, business development) his anti-social habits are going to be a huge embarrassment. Why do I say that? His first day on the job we typically take him out to lunch. This guy refused, said he had errands to run. WTF? He cruises between 8 and 8:30 and leaves by 3 or earlier every day. Now, the big boss has been on vacation during this period, but I and other project managers are around, our contract marketing person is in the office once a week just to work with him, and he does not seek out work or try to help. He says in his office and does … whatever. 

Okay, all that is bad enough, but last week he referred to me as “the secretary” and the other PMs quickly corrected him that I am the closest thing to the head honcho other than the owners. Even then, the owner consults me before making the vast majority of decisions. Then today, he ate my food and drank both cans of sugar free drinks I bought and stashed in the fridge. The food was clearly marked with my initials, and most of the staff if they want or need salad dressing or cream cheese or anything else that is mine in the fridge will usually ask if they may use some, and I always say yes. My only thing is to let me know if I am getting low or should bring in more, because I don’t eat salad every day or bring a bagel every day. Except today I did bring a bagel, and I see this new guy with cream cheese smeared on two pieces of toast and an empty carton in the fridge. I figured I would explain to him the communal fridge rules after my meeting, only I get done with that and find him drinking my sugar free soda! Not only that, it is the second of the two I brought! When I explain to him that he emptied my cream cheese (which was 2/3 full last week) and did not tell me and then drank my soda, all he said was “oh, I didn’t know.” No apology. No offer to replace. No APOLOGY! 

Okay, possibly I am overreacting. But this guy is bad news. I get tired of drinking water all day and had been looking forward to my new grape soda-like beverage. If you know me and my addiction to soda, this was A Very Big Deal. I might have gotten over it more quickly had he at least said he was sorry. But it seems he has no manners. People should at least have manners.

2 thoughts on “Work challenges

  1. Ooooh sounds just like a coworker I had at my last job. He had no manners either and when I would tell him things he would shrug it off. I eventually quit after almost 5 years there one big reason being that this guy drove me nuts and my boss wouldn’t do anything. Good luck! Hopefully your coworker gets fired or quits soon.

    1. Hi Kay, and thanks for your comment. Fortunately I do not foresee this guy making it past 30 days, much less the 90 day probation to permanent employment. I just have to be patient until my boss returns and makes it happen.

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