This has been one of those weeks, with the bosses. The choices they make baffle me, because I manage the business’ finances and we are a FOR PROFIT company. You cannot always tells because of things they insist that we do. Periodically they tip-toe too close to the gray area of legal and ethical, where I have to talk them back from the ledge. Only once have I had to say that such behavior is cause for my resignation. That was very early in my tenure here, and they backed off and developed a healthy respect for my ehtics.

Other than extraordinarily aggravating events with bosses and staff this weekend, the week is not terrible, no one is losing their jobs or getting laid off. My irritation is exacerbated by my allergies … in JULY. Usually its a few week in the spring and fall and the rest of the year I am relatively unencumbered by my sinuses. This year, it’s been the complete oposite, where I maybe have a few weeks without allergy symptoms or the need for meds. This week, though, crossed the line into need for cold meds for the severity of symptoms. Which is partly why I have not posted or commented in the last few days. The effects of me stoned on cold meds … not very pretty, and sensible commenting might be severely compromised. Today is better, in that I can breathe and have not had to touch my latest box of kleenex. Hopefully the worst is now behind me.


2 thoughts on “Work: the unhappiest place

  1. I stopped taking my allergy meds (zyrtec) early in June or late May… as soon as I could put my contacts in, because it means the worst of the season is past. However, I have this lingering sneeze-fit on a semi daily basis that drives me nuts! Hope you’re feeling better soon.

    1. It’s been so odd this year, because having allergies this bad in July is undiscovered country for me. It’s definitely better this week, though, so I am thankful for that.

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