We’re heading off adventuring today, a day trip to Sonora to investigate hiking/running trails. Probably this will entail some hiking, too, but one never knows. M gets these ideas and I am never sure what to expect. 

But for such trips … there is no need to bring all the crap I usually carry in my purse, right? So I was doing a quick inventory of what I usually carry –

credit card wallet
2 pens
2 pairs of glasses (readers and distance
insulin pen and supplies
glucose meter and supplies
lip balm
pill box.

For an adventuring trip, I need my wallet, keys, and phone. But I have to take the insulin pen and glucose meter and all their assorted paraphernalia, but it can all fit very neatly into the trusty backpack. 

M brings the survival bag, with jackets and sunscreen and extra shoes and clothes. Other than our water bottles and the sun screen, that will most likely stay in the car as well.

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