The last 24 hours have been rather remarkable. 

At noon Tuesday my daughter calls me in tears … her fiance has been terminated from his primary job. It is not so much his income, although that is critically important to them and their future financial goals, but that he was let go for a situation well beyond his control. He is angry and upset, and now she was as well. It was one of those mom-to-adult-children moments that I just wanted to drop whatever I was doing at work and race over to comfort and pep-talk and strategize with them. But of course I was at work, she was at work, and A was at home in a funk. So I did the next best thing … I insisted them come over for dinner. To my shame I did not cook, but chinese take-out is always a favorite and in our home qualifies as comfort food.

So last night we had dinner and rehashed the job, the termination, and the next steps. A has been searching for other work for months now (he just finished and graduated college in May) and has had a few interviews and resumes out there. Obviously he has more time available to pursue jobs full-time now and their starving college student lifestyle was gonig to continue for awhile longer anyway, while they saved for a home. We went over the budget and talked about other cuts they could make in expenses, and I sent them home with all the extra chinese food. Still, it was a sad evening.

This morning, on her break, my daughter calls again. Since neither of my kids are voice callers (we are texters, especially during the work day), I braced myself for another tearful conversation. Instead she was giddy with excitement. An interview A went on 3 weeks ago for a position he REALLY wanted had called and offered him a full-time job, with full benefits, and a salary nearly twice what he had been getting. Best of all: he starts TOMORROW. They are delighted, new company is thrilled he is available immediately. 

In a blink things change. In this blink, things go from dreary and drab to sunny and bright. 

6 thoughts on “The scary. The sad. The OMG FANTASTIC!!!

  1. What’s that saying? When God closes a door, He opens a window? That’s fantastic news. Woo hoo! So happy for them. We are texters in my family too (I email/IM with friends), so when I get a call, it’s normally no light matter either.

    1. We’re delighted and thankful. My daughter is more likely to call just because, but during the workday? Something has happened. I hate that feeling, but it is our reality.

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