I have started and stopped about 10 different posts on 10 different topics today. Yet what am I thinking about right now? How grossly hot and humid it was today. In my corner of the world we have maybe 5 truly humid days per year and it is a particularly miserable experience. I remember going to Houston in August a few years ago and the day I flew home, it was 89 at the airport there and 107 at the airport here. However, when I got off the plane I could absolutely feel myself perking up in relief in the nice dry heat. Yes, it was almost 20 degrees hotter, but the difference between muggy Houston and dry and sunny northern California was priceless. 

Hopefully the triple digit temperatures will return to their regularly scheduled programming this weekend.

The reason for the start and stop posting today was a bunch of other blogs I follow very casually. Within the subset of this group is one blog where the author is complaining about something every single time she posts. If she is not complaining she is looking from her view of the world and wondering why everyone is not more frugal while still being socially active and appropriately networked. This is a slice of the personal finance realm of things, and I generally accept that it comes with that particular part of my reading. But dang I never want to be THAT person in my own little village. While I am not one to be the uber positive, super happy blogger, most of the time I feel pretty sunny about my life and times. I always prefer to embrace the good stuff.

This weekend we have plans to be hiking all day on Saturday, thus missing my son’s girlfriend’s move. Shucky darn! In truth, I hate moving. Hate it, hate it, hate it! M and I did a lot of it the last few years before we bought our home, so I plan to be here forever now. That could always change, of course, but I am plotting an amazing garage sale or yet another epic Salvation Army pick-up if we are still capable of making those decisions when we do leave this house. 

It’s been incredibly hot around here the last few days and M has a few racks of beef ribs braising in the ovens. Thankfully our electric ovens do not put out much discernible heat, which is a trade off from the gas we would prefer. Since the kids are moving K tomorrow and Saturday, we are having them over for a bbq and swimming on Sunday. We will handle the food this time, since everyone is busy with moving or working, but it will be pretty simple. I already have my list for Costco ready. 

We definitely spend a lot more money in the summer months. Between the adventuring budget for gas and the deli sandwiches we like for our hiking and beach excursions to the swimming and barbeque events we host, my typically generous food budget increases even more. We love it, though, love having our kids and their friends as well as our friends over for a visit.


It has been a fun summer thus far, so no complaints from me. The humid weather, though, I moan about every year. Thankfully it’s only a few days each year, and if we have another surprise sprinkle of rain, that would be a huge boost. We really would enjoy some rain around here.

4 thoughts on “The weather and other mundane stuff

  1. We’ve been having some really nice weather recently, but now we’re turning back to the scheduled summer yuckiness (90+ degrees and rain all next week, weee). I am with you on the move deal… first time I moved, I was super excited. Second time, I was ready and ok. Third and fourth time, eh… I’d rather go to the dentist than move!

    1. I’m with you there! The dentist is usually a one-and-done (for six months, anyway) as opposed to a month or more of upheaval between packing, moving, unpacking.

      1. It’s been 2.5 years since we moved into our home. There are STILL boxes in the storage and the garage. At this point I think they can be donated without opening.

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