M and I went to one of our favorite restaurants tonight for chinese food. M is coping with a missing filling, so our selections for meals out were limited. Chinese food, with our normal chicken choices (sweet and sour for me, something different every visit for M) plus rice and sizzling rice soup makes for a easy to chew meal. 

The fortune cookies are always intriguing, and tonight’s fits with our present hiking-intense theme:

Life is full of wonders … explore what’s around you.

So while it’s kind of a crappy picture, it’s replaced the photo at the top of my blog. 

It is a simple truth, one I need to keep firmly in front of my eyes right now. I have many things I am looking forward to in the coming days, weeks, months ahead, and a few things that are stressing me out and taxing my patience and my good-person qualities. There is balance, and I will find it somehow, even if right this moment I feel doubtful about my capacity for compassion versus my tolerance for guilt. 

My son and his girlfriend came by tonight for a surprise visit. It’s always nice to see them, even if they were just killing some time until moving along to a engagement party they were attending. They are going to Mexico in about 10 days and were telling us about the arrangements and showing pictures of their resort. I’m sure they will have a marvelous time. When they return they will be borrowing our truck to move K out of her present residence and into storage and my son’s apartment for a couple of months until she finds a suitable place. Her townhouse recently sold to an investor group and she must move. 

So we go the mini catch-up on events in their lives before dinner and have tentative plans for family dinner next weekend. All is well in their world and I am glad to hear it.

Tomorrow I will be in the office trying to locate my missing desktop beneath the piles that having been shuffled back and forth across it for the last month. M is off to observe a local 100 mile trail run and probably meet up with friends from the ultra community. Not my thing, so I’m actually happy to be going to the office. Sunday is our hiking day this week, and I will be test driving my new shoes.

I hope everyone has a great weekend.

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