This was a crazy happy and difficult weekend all rolled into one. 

My young pregnant friend went into labor just after midnight Friday and after 22 hours delivered a healthy baby boy with a really big set of lungs! Miraculously his adopting parents made it for his grand arrival, with 20 minutes to spare. Birth mom, new mom and dad are all doing beautifully. Joseph Willem Matthew weighed in a 6 lbs., 8.5 ozs., and is 20″ long. Did I mention he has a healthy set of lungs and a good strong voice?

I had/have been expecting some sort of let down from my friend, but thus far she is happy and relieved to be done with pregnancy. She is home, staying with us for a few days while she gets some strength and balance back to her life, because living with her roommates would not provide much opportunity for rest and recovery. M and I are sort of waiting for the other emotional shoe to drop, but she seems delighted to have given this gift to this loving couple. Our hope and prayer is that the trend continues and that she can stay on track with her academic and life pursuits once more. Mostly we’re intensely happy all went so well and continues into the future.

The other situation with a friend/former friend and her serious breast cancer diagnosis did not go as well. We spoke a few times, and while I am deeply sympathetic to her situation she makes it difficult to be compassionate. M and I did speak to her soon-to-be-former husband and he in turn spoke to their grown children. The saddest part of this situation is that she has driven all of us from her, to the point that her children have had to seperate her from their lives. We have been caught up in the whirlwind and excitement of the delivery and were actually sound asleep when the former spouse called to alert us she had attempted suicide with a combination of drugs and alcohol. She has been hospitalized and at the present moment I do not know what happens next.

Other than terrified and angry and sad all at once, I do not know how to feel or what to say. So I am steering clear and staying away for now. My kids’ dad took his life a few months ago, and it still upsets me to think about it. 

For me and my family, all it well in the world. My son is in Mexico with his girlfriend and some other friends, my daughter and her fiance busy toiling away at their second jobs when not racing to the airport and then the hospital to get adopting parents there in time to see their son born. It was exciting, the beginning of the story that will be baby Joseph’s life. Into this peace there is knowledge that another family is being torn apart yet again. If we could only truly imagine the pain we inflict with your selfish actions I have to believe it might deter us from making foolish choices. 

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