My son texted me from Mexico a little while ago. Nothing wrong, nothing special going on … just a check-in hi and “I love you, mom” text. I don’t even wonder if he is feeling guilty about something anymore.

My daughter called out of the blue tonight, just to gab. Nothing tragic or major going on in her world. She and A just moved into a duplex on the other side of town and now have a yard for their little dog. The budget is perking and savings are building and she was thrilled to have sold some excess stuff on FB garage sales and craigslist. She also just finished her 3 month probation at a new job and received a nice raise, all of which will go to the downpayment fund. She also gets to stay on days for now (24 hour vet hospital). Apparently the shift differential puts graveyard in higher demand.

Our young friend proclaimed herself well enough to return home to her own space and bed. In truth I think she misses the chaos with her roommates … our place is probably way too quiet. I am trying to remember if I was as “bounced back” as she is within a few days after the birth of my first child.

M went off to see a friend off on a running adventure trip, so I have the house to myself. Much as I love and adore my husband and family, both biologic and informally adopted, I deeply appreciate any and all time at home alone.

The laundry is done, the dishwasher running, I had pizza for dinner and am now relaxing and catching up on my for fun reading. Life feels rich and luxurious this evening.


6 thoughts on “The stuff that dreams are made of …

  1. Sounds like things are turning quite wonderfully. I’m very much of a homebody, so even if I have nothing going on, I prefer to be at home. Glad the kids are doing great and keeping in touch.

  2. One of the things I miss in retirement is the opportunity to be alone more often. My husband is also retired, and since he plays with cars a lot, has more with which to entertain himself at home. I don’t consider housework as entertainment, but more as necessary drudgery. I used to be able to “shop” but we need so few things these days that it’s not productive any more. I have hobbies to do at home, but I need to be “out” more often. I guess we always want what we don’t have–when still working, I looked forward to being home and “getting things done.” I guess I just need variety more than anything.

    1. Hi Marcia and thanks for stopping by and commenting. I think what you’re describing is partly why I am doubtful about retirement being a “fun” time for me in my life. I need to develop more hobbies other than working. M (my husband) works around the house, runs, tinkers with the cars, builds things, and basically has lots of ways to keep himself occupied. Me, not so much. I imagine retirement being when i give up full-time work and focus mostly on my own projects and side gigs.

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