M and I have a fair amount a lot of gym equipment in our home. However, the one machine we covet and use pretty exclusively at our gym is a Cybex Arc Trainer. We have not set foot in the gym in months, and before that last excursion it was probably another year prior. We are paying $79/month for this membership. Before it was for the spa and pool as well as the arc trainer. Now that we have a spa and a pool at home, we have not used either.

I have been trying for at least 2 years to convince M to let me terminate our health club membership, yet M has resisted. Now we have negotiated and agreed upon the purchase of an arc trainer, but as is our pact, we will relinquish both my treadmill and rower AND the gym membership for the arc trainer. I have had concerns about selling the treadmill, because it does not fold and is very heavy. The rower I can move by myself plus it has wheels and the last one I sold did not last on craigslist more than 3 hours before it was gone to a crossfit owner in South Tahoe. It’s the dreadmill I dread dealing with.

But today I was chatting with a Cybex dealer about our potential purchase and they are extremely interested in the treadmill. It would be fantastic if I could offset the cost of the arc trainer with a treadmill trade-in, because while they are delivering the 300 lb. arc trainer they can take away the 275 lb. treadmill. Win-win all around.

From a budget standpoint, selling the rower, the treadmill, and 2 years of cancelled gym membership fees would be our break even on this purchase. We would definitely use it, far more than I do my beloved rower and much less loved dreadmill. It’s just really hard to pull the trigger on a big-ticket purchase, even if I know it’s the right thing to do. This machine is much more suitable to where I wish to be going in my overall conditioning program. M lobbies hard for it, too, because it’s his favorite cardio machine to supplement his running.

So I am 99% sure we a going forward with this purchase. Except right this minute, when I need M to be available for consultation, he’s out running the canyons with his friends. Now that I am ready to make a decision and commit to a major purchase, he is off the grid. Patience is not one of my admirable traits. Spending money, however, is far too easy.

I will show restraint, talk to him one last time tonight, and then confirm the deal via email tonight.

In other fitness-related news, last weekend we purchased a larger hydration backpack for me for our hiking adventures. We made the decision because we had a $20 off coupon for a $100 purchase at REI expiring last Sunday, when we were shopping for packs. I decided to go ahead with the one we got and utilize the discount coupon, knowing it could possibly be going on sale today for 25% off. Well, the pack IS on sale for the 25% off, and the gray I would prefer is only available online. So I went ahead and ordered it in gray and will return the red one for what I paid for it last week. Yes, I lose my $20 discount, but there was nothing else I wanted/needed at REI at that time to use it for so it’s all good. But I must say I’m pretty gobsmacked that I am spending $112.46 (plus tax) on a backpack. However, this is much better than the $129.95 I spent last Sunday for the same dang thing.

This hiking adventuring thing is becoming an expensive hobby.

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