Not a whole lot going on in my corner of the world. Work. Exercise. Food frustration. Usual stuff. Nothing new or earth shattering to share.

M has been dieting. It’s not like he’s especially fat, but for him the extra 10 lbs. (used to be 15 lbs.) he is carrying is a significant difference in his ability to run far and for long stretches of time. Since this usually means he takes care of his own dinners and such I just go with the flow and prepare something simple for myself in the evenings. 

Last week he did mountain runs with one of his friends on Tuesday and on Friday, and they were out there again on Tuesday. It’s nice for him, gets him out of the house and clearing his head. Unfortunately end of summer is coming and the snow will soon make the canyon runs and hiking in the Sierras something we look forward to in the spring and summer. Winter hiking for us will be in our own little valley and to the coast. I am looking forward to that, because I am the one who really loves the coast. 

My new hydration pack arrived yesterday. It was definitely not cheap, but REI had it on sale for 25% off and I used ebates, so it’s something. I’m looking forward to filling it up and taking it out for a spin this weekend. It’s bigger than the prior unit I had been borrowing from M’s hydration pack stash, and I think it’s about perfect for me and what I want/need to carry when we’re hiking. The best part is the engineering of it, in that the 3 liters of water will be balanced from hip to shoulder rather than just being carried by the shoulders. As I get stronger it will be less an issue, but as I get stronger we will probably want to go farther, which will mean carrying more, and I would need the bigger pack anyway. It’s amazing how this exercise and outdoorsy stuff just sucks you in.

My daughter was at my house at 7 a.m. this morning to do laundry. Her work schedule has her off on Sunday and Thursday, so she bundled up the big laundry and came over to use Hansel and Gretel rather than going to the laundry mat. We have superior TV and internet and snacks and such. M and I have pretty much given up soda, but we keep some in the garage refridgerator for guests and the kids. But I had already warned her the pantry was pretty bare of snacks, unless she could be happy with saltine crackers. Our sugar purging has been progressing steadily the last few months, and it’s only now that I realize how little we have with regard to junky foods. That said, there were homemade gluten free blueberry muffins in the freezer as well as an assortment of fruits and protein bars. No one will ever starve eating from our pantry, but the sugar addicts in residence are trying hard to just say no. 

We did have some time to gab before I had to leave for work. Things with A’s mother/family are smoothing out, still a lot of expectations and pouting when the kids decline the numerous invitations, but with A working a full-time 8-5 job now during the week plus weekend second job shifts it is getting easier and easier for him to not be bothered by their antics. The surprise engagement party was quite a shock to both of them, but A was particularly upset by his mother’s disregard for their wishes and told her so. C was delighted to report how he was much less swayed by her tears and apologies. The extraction from the family sphere of influence is slow going, but C is feeling a lot more positive and hopeful about that aspect of their relationship and family situation. A’s standing up to them more makes C much more inclined to attend family events with him when they choose to visit, which is huge and a step in the right direction.

With the other kid, my son is cruising by tonight to borrow our truck. His girlfriend must move due to the townhouse where she had been renting has sold and the month-to-month arrangement terminated by the new owners. She has been unsuccessful in finding a new place thus far, so she’s putting the bulk of her belonging into storage and moving in with G for now. It will be interesting to see how this evolves. I like K very much and am not at all bothered by their living together, but then again, G is 27 and does not require my permission or approval to do pursue his life and lifestyle. My only concern and thought is that his is just a smallish 1 bedroom apartment and K has a lovely, large-ish (60 lb.) dog. Space constraints AND having a pet underfoot 24/7 will be a bit of an adjustment. It’s not my place to worry about it, though, so we merely asked if they needed help and were told they have several other friends with trucks supporting the effort so thanks, but no parental unit assistance needed. Luck is with me! I hate moving.

The days are definintely getting shorter. M and I have been neighborhood walking for an hour or so each evening after dinner, and it’s now sort of dusky when we leave the house and full dark by the time we get home. Summer weather has been mostly very mild, with only a couple of weeks with 100+ temperatures.

Overall, things are good. The days are quiet, even. The 3 day weekend looms, and I for one cannot wait for the little boost a 3 day weekend provides.

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