A coworker is selling his Mini Cooper. I mentioned it in passing to M, and since then his head has been swimming with visions of having it. Is this, finally, his midlife crisis moment?

We have an old 1994 honda civic that need some TLC. I mean, REALLY needs TLC. But like so many things, M has limited time and is unwilling to spend a lot of money on it if he is not the one restoring it, which I can certainly appreciate. However, it has been barely driven the last 5 years and needs tires. Only he does not want to buy tires without upgrading to a larger size rim, and he cannot decide on what he wants and is just sure he can find a set of rims, possibly still with tires attached, used on craigslist or something. Okay, dear; whatever you say. However, since I am not a car gal it’s not something I am willing to go out and search for myself, and between stuff going on with the house and his multitude of other hobbies, the civic is just not getting much love.

So when he said he would be willing to part with the civic in favor of the Mini, my ears definitely perked up. It’s an older one – a 2005 – and the funny thing is our next door neighbor has the exact same car in the same color scheme. But his is rarely seen or driven, so I’m not sure if it has be reclassified as precious artifact or not working right now. 

Which is yet another issue … these puppies are not cheap to maintain much less repair. I can definitely see our very generous car catastrophe budget being dwindled down far more quickly than it ever has been. My car is less than a year old, M’s primary driver is an older CRV that is practically indestructible (and not driven very much; mine is more the go car), we have a full-size pick-up for hauling and messy work (again, hardly even driven, but when we need it we need it), the aforementioned civic, and an old Austin Healey bugeye sprite that has been in pieces and covered by a tarp for 20+ years M and I have been together. The bugeye is an eyesore to me (hence the tarp) and I have long given up trying to get him to part ways with that. The civic, while fun to drive, has become a waste of driveway space, because the only place it has gone in the 2+ years we’ve lived here is the smog shop for registration almost 2 years ago.

For any PF bloggers who may be reading, we own our entire fleet of vehicles outright and carry minimal insurance on all but the car I drive. While I am not required to carry full coverage, it’s less than a year old and would be costly to replace if something terrible were to befall it. Our insurance costs are reasonable and paid annually. We take good care of our vehicles and they seem to last forever, or until they are stolen (my daughter, twice), totaled (my son, once), become not reliable enough (an old Camray with 340K on the odometer), or just no longer work for us for various reasons (that is a post all its own).

M does not drive a lot. He takes the CRV to go running in the mountains once or twice a week, and occasionally errands during the day. The mini would be an entertainment car for us, most definitely a luxury. While it’s purchase is not going to blow up our budget (we have funds for replacement car available), care and feeding over the life of its residency will be felt more significantly than just about anything else we own. 

I trust M’s judgment on these things, even though I am the one who has picked out every car this family has owned in the last 15 years. If he wants the mini it will likely be acquired, once I have secured a verbal contract that the civic is listed for sale immediately. 

I will let you know how it turns out. 

2 thoughts on “Maybe a midlife crisis?

  1. We had a fleet as well of 5 cars….until last week. All our cars are drivable and street legal and not wrecks waiting for restoration. The insurance cost was insane on 5 cars!
    As youngest has left for college we are down one vehicle so far….the POS Hubs bought used 15 months ago for his primary commuting car. Now he uses the car that WAS his car, until we let youngest use it for school, after the spare car youngest use to drive was totaled.

    Next to go is the minivan, my car before I got the Sonic in May. We’ve kept it around to haul things since that’s what it is good for. But it’s at the end of it’s useful life and the expenses are outweighing the benefits. It’s 11 years old and we done wore it out. lol
    When it goes bye bye we are down to 3 cars, and 1 of those cars is my oldest son’s and it doesn’t live here(and he pays for his part of the insurance on it)so we are paying for 2 cars upkeep only.

    Hubs is not a “car guy”. We detest the things as they are just necessary evils/expenses in our lives.
    But everybody needs a hobby and some people enjoy their cars like that.

    1. I agree – I’m not a car girl, either. I am also not at all sentimental. With DH I pick my battles over our differences in personality. While I would love to simply have one vehicle each and MAYBE the truck, I am sort of resigned to the family fleet.

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