As I was sitting here pondering the disappointment of yesterday’s rib fest and what I would say about it, I started looking and decluttering my desk. It got me thinking about all the things that surround me:

– The handmade mug rug my sewing genius friend sent me.
– The unexpected and lovely mini runner this same friend surprised me with.
– Hanging on the back of my chair is the crocheted shawl/lap blanket my bestie made just for me and sent in the middle of July. In California, where temperatures are routinely in triple digits. (The thought still makes me smile.)
– All three of my kids sitting on Santa’s lap; it’s from 1989, the year their dad and I separated and I had no money for Christmas gifts.
– The kiddie cow cup (I was drinking chocolate milk from it) M and I found a few months ago.
– A wooden pencil holder sent to me 15 years ago by the man who received one of my oldest daughter’s kidneys (he was a fine man and actually passed away a few years ago).
– The weedy seadragon mouse pad M and I bought at the Monterey Aquarium a few years ago.
– The cow stapler M found and brought home when he was criss-crossing driving the truck. 

There are lots and lots of other things hanging around my own workspace that remind me of other different places and times and events. I have the usual amount of junk – note pads, pens, pencils, paper clips, junk mail to be tossed, bills and personal information to be shredded, catalogs to skim and magazines to read. Plus work, of course; work never seems to end and sits neatly in a few piles. But the stuff my eyes are drawn to when I need respite from work or blogging or reading, those are the things that matter most. I am lucky to have them, and the people they represent, in my life. 

My desk is messy and chaotic much of the time. I have a busy life and it’s sometimes hectic and disorganized and downright frustrating. But I like sitting here at my desk. It’s also a peaceful, comforting place.

2 thoughts on “What surrounds you?

  1. My husband is an organ transplant recipient: Kidney & Pancreas. He is coming up to his 2 year kidneyversary later this week. Where we live, we can never meet the donor family, so I’m passing our thank-you onto you – thank you seems such a small thing to say for something so huge. We do things to honour the donor and their family (I’m walking 100km for charity this week, my husband volunteers at the library etc). I can’t help but think it was a difficult decision at an impossible time.

    1. Andree, thanks so much for stopping by and for commenting. You and your husband are most welcome and I feel certain your donor family would say the same thing. “Our” recipients – we have been fortunate to meet recipients of my daughter’s kidneys, liver/pancreas, corneas, and one of her heart valves – are all amazing people and we love and appreciate the fragile, random tie that binds our family to theirs. So happy to hear your husband is doing well!

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