I wandered through the Coach store this weekend and fell madly in lust with a gorgeous fall tote bag. M was examining a new Mini and a Fiat on display just outside the store, so with limited time to pet the new styles of bags and wallets and such, I did not check the cost on that beguiling bag.

Until later, at home, and found that it is priced at $648. For a handbag. Gulp.

This is one of those things I will let pass me by, because (1) I do not actually need it, and (2) it really does not fit with my lifestyle and professional attire. The latter, professional attire, makes me laugh because my office is so very far from it. Majority of us wear shorts and t-shirts and flip-flops in summer months, jeans and polos or sweaters with sneakers or boots in the winter. There are specific safety requirements when in the field, and of course we put on at least business casual when scheduled to meet with clients, bankers, lawyers, or attend any sort of meetings outside the office. But at $648 Coach bag is pretentious and impressive only to me and maybe my part-time admin. 

Still, it was a lovely bag. To compensate I day dream about what else I could buy with that amount of money.

  • Careful shopping would net me 6 pairs of running/training shoes neither M nor I presently need.
  • Lots of clothes I also do not need.
  • Healthy, extravagant organic food from Whole Foods for maybe a month, probably two if I shopped somewhere else.
  • A few days in a nice hotel, a few more days over that in a modest hotel.
  • A month of eating out three times daily (I do not drink alcohol and have pretty simple taste in food).
  • About five months of pedicures with tip for my nail lady.
  • Two keratin smoothing treatments without tip for my sytlist.
  • Southwest plane tickets for M and I to travel various places.

The lis goes on and on. What I did instead? I made an extra contribution to our local food closet, because there are people who do not even dream of a handbag costing $648. M and I are far from rich, but we are very blessed and fortunate to have each other, our home, good health, a pantry and freezer crammed with food that desperately needs to be invetoried and consumed, and my jobs that make it all possible and for M to be at home. Too many others are not nearly as fortunate. Today maybe my throwing some money at the issue will make it a little easier, a little better for random strangers I will likely never meet or know.

The canvas tote I purchased from a fundraiser for $45 is not a Coach bag, but it suits my needs (holds all the crap I carry on a daily basis) and what it lacks in style it makes up for in sentimental value (fundraiser benefitted our local SPCA). Besides, no one, not even me, could appreciate such a fine, expensive thing in the world where I reside. 

Life is good today. I am now off to slay some dragons in the work arena. Hope you are all having a fabulous Thursday. 

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