M and I were at the Reno (Nevada) national championship air races last Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. While I have a post brewing about our adventure, finding the time to actually write it has been an issue. While this is an event primarily for M, I will say that I found our 3 days there to be extraordinarily engaging. Surprisingly, this was the most relaxing vacation for me in years.

From a budget standpoint, this was far from a cheap weekend. I had budgeted $1500 for this weekend and final accounting of all expenses is $1392.96. Breakdown is as follows:

  • Event tickets – $250
  • Pit passes (Sunday) – $68
  • Shuttle (3 days) – $102
  • Hotel (4 nights) – $598.54
  • Meals – $262.42
  • Event purchases – $112

Looking at it, it actually surprises me that our event purchases are so low. Majority of our event spending was bottled water ($3 for a 16.9 oz. Aquafina) and iced tea on Sunday ($4 for the first cup, keep your cup and refills were only $2), and coffee. For whatever reason M woke up to lattes and consumed more coffee in those 3 days than he has in years. Other than the rootbeer M enjoyed with lunch on Saturday, we drank no soda and had no shaved ice, a remarkable feat for me. M did break down on Friday and got a bag of mini donuts, which tasted great but completely blew my good pattern of blood sugar readings. I learned my lesson: no more mindless snacking and sugar consumption because I was on vacation. And after the first day, we purchased our water at a convenience store near the hotel and carried it in with us.

We got home yesterday pretty relaxed and refreshed. I did spend the afternoon at the office without checking email or voice mail, and it was nice to catch up when everyone in the outside world still thought me away on vacation. I am only at work the remainder of this week, then leaving for our annual Portland vacation on Saturday. September is our month for vacation.

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