Hello from Portland!

Just a a quick missive and please excuse the typos that may result; typing from an iPad is not my most accurate shot at communicating with the outside world.

Anyway, M and I were up on Mt. Hood on Monday. Lovely place in the sunny weather. We hiked around and explored the mountain on foot and had a marvelous day. However, as we were returning to the trailhead where we left the car, we passed a young woman out walking with her pet in her arms – a boa constrictor. I have no idea how big or how mature it was, being all curled up in her arms but the body part I could see looked pretty thick. We were so startled by the sight of a big snake being “walked” that we stopped in our tracks and stared. rude. Ryde, I know.

Definitely not something we see every day. While we still have a few more days and even more hiking and walking and exploring to do, I feel confident that will qualify as the oddest sight on our trip. Definitely stranger than the woman flat ironing her dog’s hair in the airport.

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