Now that we are back from our week away, I realize that my life was sort of circling the drain. Funny how you get so wound up and wound down into a groove of work and life that it seems perfectly normal, perfectly functional and fine. Then you break free, you escape! And the brilliance of color starts to slowly seep back into the background of your life. It’s refreshing to see and a little startling to realize how faded you felt without realizing it. I needed a vacation without realizing how desperately I needed a vacation.

That’s how I feel anyway. I had no idea I was so tired and burned out until I was away from work for an entire week. There were exactly 4 texts – all reassuring me that things I was very worried about before my vacation and telling myself I would leave behind were resolving/resolved in a positive manner in my absence. There were also 2 phone calls – my daughter asking me to please turn off the alarm and unlock the front door remotely because she’d forgotten her keys and my part-time job boss who could not find the checkbook in the drawer where it always kept. Other than that, it was blissfully work and stress-free.

So perhaps my life had been becoming a bit of dismal niche. Either way, when we cruising around in Washington State on Monday we noted a reference to Camp Disappointment. How distressing! Unfortunately we did not have an opportunity to actually go there and see it, but geez. Depressed much? Then on Wednesday we found the Dismal Nitch rest stop. The early explorers must have been feeling pretty damn down when they were naming these new sites.

M and I, Washington State.
M and I, our usual happy selves.

Upon arriving home, though, a lot of hate and discontent, sadness and gloom awaited. It has been a bit of a dismal ditch of emotions thus far this weekend, which I will share in the coming days. So much to talk about, so much to say. But for right now, tonight, things are good and peaceful and content in my little corner of the world. M and I are both relaxed and happy despite the various dramas unfolding all around us. We had a wonderful, nomadic vacation and did lots and lots of hiking, sight seeing, eating good food, driving around and chatting with people. It was a grand adventure and just right in length and time away. Despite all issues with close friends surrounding us, it is nice to be home.

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