I truly have no idea what has gotten into me today, but I have spent A LOT of money in the last 12 hours. Possibly 10% of it is for items we actually need. The rest of it? We will definitely use it, but NEED? No, I don’t think so.

The damage:

  • Supplements – $42
  • Hair goo (aka “product”) – $205.20
  • Yoga membership – $1000
  • iPhone for M – $727.74

I look at that and frown. I wonder about how casually I pulled out my credit card and input the information and did not really give it another thought. My inner frugalista, if she exists, has gone into witness protection, because I did not hear a single gasp or other restraining sound throughout any of these transactions. The only one I could in any way, shape, or form justify as a “need” is the supplements, although I could make a rational argument on the hair goo. Anyone with naturally wavy/fluffy/frizzy hair understands the importance of hair goo that tames/smooths/flattens such unruliness into a manageable style without head shaving or sporting a style so short it would pass muster for a man in a military inspection. I also bought the biggest bottles possible of shampoo and conditioner, which added $84 to the cost, and spending $120 on my hair in one purchases sounds a little less extravagant.

None of these purchases, while wildly luxurious to everyone I know personally, is outside the scope of our budget. They might not have been budgeted completely this month, but we are not in any danger of eating cat food now or during our older and grayer years because of these purchases. Other than the mortgage we have no debt, we pay our credit cards in full each month, we save consistently, and we have a healthy amount of discretionary spending each month. Part of the reason I work as much as I do is to be comfortable enough to periodically indulge in our wants.

M went a little pale at the cost of the iPhone, but I knew he would strongly desire the larger phone when it became available and had set the funds aside for the purchase. Since upgrading at a discount is due until this time next year, I read all the disclosures about AT&T’s Next program and did the math. Buying it for full cost now and perhaps selling his older model ourselves just made more sense. This was a planned purchase, but I thought the wait time would be longer.

The yoga membership, however, is a bit of a surprise. My last membership concluded at the end of June and coincided with a change in ownership. The new owner is a tough and smart businesswoman, and she has done some significant improvements to the studio. However, before today, the best membership deal she offered was 10 months for $699, prepaid in one lump sum, whereas my prior membership was 2 years for $1500. Cost would would have gone from $62.50/month to $70/month. Compared with her ACH transfer memberships ($90/month with 3 month commitment, or $80/month with 6 month commitment) and punch-card classes ($150 for 10 classes), it was a pretty good deal but not THAT good. Thinking about it now, I was unwilling to financially prioritize my Bikram practice. When my membership expired I told myself I would take advantage of fee online yoga videos or take advantage of the groupons and free monthly yoga classes offered by other studios around town. What a joke! In 4 months I have done virtually no stretching and not even looked for free yoga classes anywhere else.

This morning I got an email offering a BOGO year of unlimited classes for $1000 for the first 5 clients. Doing the math, this brought the cost down to $41.67 per month for 2 years, so I whipped out my credit card and made my purchase. In some ways it is also a bit of a gamble, because the studio could fold and close its doors before my 2 years is up. But it’s a risk I am willing to accept to return to regular practice at a reasonable cost, and I am super excited about getting back into the hot room and resuming my practice.

So there you have it – my reckless behavior for the month. I suppose I am due, because I don’t drink, I don’t smoke, and I only fool around with my husband (married sex never seems quite as exciting and daring as those who are dating). Thankfully it’s the last day of September and I will be restrained from another spree. However, October starts tomorrow and Halloween and all its decadent candy and crap is just a few weeks away. We will be dropping a fair amount of money on candy bars for our expected guests, but hopefully I will have restraint and self-control to not breakdown and consume mass quantities before, during, or after the trick or treating is done.

Yep, M and I are definitely edgy, thrill-seeking folks living on the wild side … just typing that makes me laugh we are so mundane in our habits.

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