This is Pesto, who we refer to as Pesto the hunter. While technically he, his father (Simon the paranoid), and his uncle (Pumpkin the lizard killer) are owned by our neighbor, the three of them – especially Pesto – spend most of their time on our deck, lounging around our pool, and hiding beneath our cars. We also feed them regularly (our neighbor seems to forget to do so fairly regularly) and have purchased their affections and tolerance with favorite treats and toys.


I have cats on the brain tonight because another furry family member has moved on into his next realm today. My daughter rescued/adopted an older cat (Twitters) a few months ago, knowing he had health issues and was unlikely to last very long. She and A have a soft spot for mature pets who have been abandoned. The last week Twitters had stopped eating or moving much, and he would plead and mewl for attention and then snarl and hiss if she or A tried to pet or cuddle him. He was miserable and in pain, and the time came for him to close his eyes and move forward into the next realm. At the end of his days he was well fed and well loved.

This is especially hard as her little dog died just a couple of weeks ago. Now they are down to the two original cats, Tippy LaRue (LaLoo) and Joey (Miss Potato). May they both continue to flourish and bring forth their unique comfort and joy.

I did not know Twitters well, and truth be told I am definitely more a dog person, but I found myself crying when she told me it was done. Rest in peace, Twitters.

2 thoughts on “Gratuitous cat pic

  1. Gotta love how they all have a title. And RIP, little one. It is very sad when a pet dies, regardless how little amount of time you knew them… they have a way of getting wedged into peoples’ hearts so fast.

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