M and I started with a new dentist a couple of months back. With the vacationing that went on in September, I was unable to get in to have prep work done for a crown I needed. The days before being away from the office for a few days or an entire week are extraordinarily stressful for me, and what was I thinking that I could start dental work right in the middle of all that? Hence my visit today, more than a week after my return from R&R.

EXCEPT … I have been having issues with the other side of my mouth from where today’s first crown appointment was happening. My dentist took a new film, gave it the hairy eyeball, and then started with a cold water cloth to pinpoint the source of my hot/cold sensitivity. I could tell him it was in the upper left portion of my mouth and pinpoint it between a few teeth, but that was about it. Three touches with the cold cloth – first two were fine, third one caused a severe reflexive whole body jump – and the ill tooth had been identified. A small fracture, the sensitivity serious enough (ya think?) to warrant a probably root canal scenario. Uninanimous sighing out there? I mean, no one I know is clapping their hands and thinking “Root canal? Oh GOODY!”

So today’s crown prep on the right side of my mouth proceeded uneventfully. There is something about zoning out with music streaming through headphones that makes having toothdust flying all over the place easier to bear. In the pleasant mix they have on the iPod I was using was Kris Allen’s “Live Like We’re Dying,” a catchy little tune I had not heard previously. It somehow seemed appropriate for the past few days of funk and the sad news about needing to return ASAP for a root canal. An hour later I am handing over my credit card for my portion of the bill ($421) and making an appointment for next Tuesday for the root canal. Lovely.

Having the root canal is going to be uncomfortable. Knowing my portion of the process if $2221 is almost more unpleasant than the actual procedures. Thankfully we have the funds banked and I am not have to despair over the financial aspects of this procedure. I just imagine all sorts of household enhancements I could have for that amount of money.

But teeth are important and I definitely need them. I will not whine about the money. And mostly in my mind I will obsess endlessly about the pain and suffering I am imagining. Rarely is anything as bad as what my imagination churns forth.

Despite the dental work and my general wimpiness with coping with it, it has been a particularly awesome day. Our new fitness equipment, a Cybex Arctrainer, was delivered yesterday, and I started my day with rowing and 30 minutes of that. Arctraines are a cross between elliptical trainers and stairmasters without the arm movement, at least on the version we selected. It was our number 1 favorite cardio machine at the gym, and now we have one in our livingroom. Definitely exercise helps lighten my moods, so I do not get why I resist it so much. But resist I do, and celebrate when I overcome and just do it.

4 thoughts on “Live like we’re dying … dental visit edition

  1. Yes, teeth are important… but ouch to that bill!! 😦 Your post reminded me of a joke on FB… it’s one of those ecards that said, “I’m at the dentist and he says, “You need a crown”, the reply: I know, right!? lol!!

    1. *laugh* Yeah, it’s expensive, but at least there is money in the bank if not exactly the budget. This is why I maintain an “unexpected” fund. Not quite an emergency – at least, not yet. Poor M has to cope with cranky me tonight again, because while I am in a much better mood overall, an aching mouth does not make me enjoyable company.

  2. That really sucks… makes me so glad every time I go to the dentist, my dentist tells me my teeth are a-ok. I’d be terrified to have to get much work on them. And holy smokes, $2k bill! That’d totally kill me… I’m already missing one of my lower teeth (behind right incisor), so I am not overly self-conscious about it, but if given the choice between losing it and paying, I’d have to think it twice, haha. (No, please don’t consider losing them! I just had no choice).

    1. Tania, believe me, I about fainted when she told me what MY portion of the bill would be! I could wait until January when the new insurance year kicks in, but it’s sensitive and uncomfortable now, so I am just going to have to deal with it. We are fortunate to have money stashed for it, but it’s still a huge chunk of change going out this month.

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