I was thinking last night about M, my kids, my friends I think of like family (only BETTER!) and what I say about them and the things we talk about in real life. To date I have not crossed any boundaries, committed any violations of their privacy, or broken any confidences here. Hopefully I never will, either.

But I do weigh that every time I sit down and start writing. My son and daughter – I am their biggest fan and supporter. Some of their past and present struggles are important and impacting upon me and my life, but those are not my stories to tell. In such more sensitive matters I avoid speaking or writing of them publicly, and it is appropriate. I want always to be a trustworthy person to those nearest and dearest, and happily I am mosly succeeding.

The friend I referenced a couple of days ago did reach out to me in a scathing email. Since I did not name names, provide locations, or make untrue statements, I feel okay about it and am actually glad to hear from her, even if she did do her best to rip me shreds for talking behind her back. Ummm … not exactly. I have inquired about her health and well being from other friends and her family members and I have chatted very casually about her situation here. Since I know she subscribes (subscribed?) to my blog, it’s more like speaking about her and to her in an indirect manner. Whatever. I wish her well, better health, more peaceful spirit. I am here if she ever wishes to have a conversation at a reasonable volume.

My ponderings today are also a result of other blogs I follow and read. It’s difficult not to become invested, to like the bloggers who pen their stores and share small slices of their life and times. I want each to have positive experiences and fulfilling lives, and sharing their successess and setbacks is probably a huge reason why I am reading and following. Yet sometimes the conversations about personal relationships and interactions make me uncomfortable and squirmy, as if this is an improper forum to present their circumstances and situations for public discussion and dissection and judgment. Is this the way of the world now and I am so far behind the times I’m practically a luddite in social media? Probably. It is not enough to make me cease following and reading, but there are times when I think the differences between two people need to be hashed out and decided privately before aired publically. I am still working out my thinking on that, and it comes on a case-by-case, post-by-post scenario. No global proclimations from me today.

This is a random musing, from events in my life and my travels in my blog reader. My own head is in a fog right now, as I struggle with a personal issue and a share all/share none situation. While it concerns me and me alone, there are some stories hard to tell on a family friendly channel.

2 thoughts on “Privacy, protecting those dear to me

  1. I think it should just be whatever you are comfortable with sharing. All in all, it’s really none of anyone’s business, if you don’t decide to share every little detail. Sorry about your long time friend. Even though no names are named, I’m sure, based on her current state of mind, that it is hard for her to read. Hopefully she gets herself in a better mindset, it sounds like she is greatly in need of some good, positive thinking in order to deal with a cancer battle.

    1. Of course. I think about it because we’re a super open family, and how annonymous is anything, really? My long-time friend is just having a super hard time, and I am doing my best to be patient even though she has become absolutely hateful in her interactions. Circumstances can truly drive one mad, though. Thanks as always for commenting.

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