Chatting with a friend today about the upcoming, predicted, must-plan-for, cannot-be-missed event of our lifetimes: the zombie apocalypse. Apparently she and her daughter received quite a chastisement from a cousin for being so cavalier as to be not preparing for this event. Oh the horrors!

I am not above having a full pantry and freezers (we have 3 refrigerators and a chest freezer, so I know freezers). I am not against stockpiling when there is a great sale. But I draw the line when it comes to filling anywhere in my home because I am fearful of the future, zombies or not. Watching the prepper reality shows on TV makes me shake my head and wonder about the backstory. What drives these people to such extremes? I do not watch much reality TV, but when M and I were consumers of cable TV, we have sampled our share of the offerings on the documentary channels. I am so glad we cut the cord. Netflix and Amazon Prime fill our TV-watching hours.

I do not understand the compulsion and fear that drives preppers. I look at my own disorganized pantry and freezers full of food and get the uneasy feeling that we are overstocked and should be consuming what we have before my next grocery shop. Produce is always going to be required every week; we eat a lot of salad, fresh fruits and vegetables. But meat, staples, even dairy? I am pretty certain we are fine. I just need to make myself go through and plan some meals. I have to do so much planning with work-related stuff that I hate to do more in my personal life.

But if the zombies arrive sooner than I think, I know I have plenty of canned goods and frozen chicken breasts to throw at them while M gets the real firepower going. Maybe they will be turned away and satisfied with that? Of course I grow truly desperate, I can raid my ultra secret stash of boxed macaroni and cheese. After all, I keep it for emergencies. And it’s organic! Even the most discerning zombie should be happy with that.

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