It has been a fabulous day. Work was quiet – just me and one project manager and the PM’s little dog. Phone were relatively silent as well, and I spend most of the day catching up on several months of filing. Yep, I was filing. And it was absolutely glorious.

After yesterday with the drama with my sister-in-law, I was happy to have an almost empty office and piles of paper pushing to keep me occupied. There is something infinitely satisfying about just sorting and putting away paper and having that neat and orderly file room … which will last until Monday, when everyone is back in the office and emptying out their in-boxes.

I also got my out-of-control emails, voice mails, and desktop organized and sorted. When I return on Monday, it will be to a clean desktop, an empty voicemail (I hope, anyway), and a fairly empty email account. Something to look forward to for the new week, and also a first for this year.

On the home front, M and I are met friends for dinner tonight. He has also had a fairly quiet day, out for a long run with a buddy and back to mostly ignoring his sister’s landslide of texts and friend requests on facebook. He is still perking on the situation, and I am happy not to have to talk about it right now. Our friends are funny, distracting company we see once or twice a month, so it was a pleasant evening. Their youngest son is in a Marine and expected to be back from Afghanistan next month, so they are counting the days until he is safely back on US soil.

Tomorrow night my son and K are bringing a group of friends over for poker night, since their apartment is a bit tiny to host. That will be fun. I offered to make dinner and snacks for the crew, so it will be quite a houseful. This is not even my party and I’m excited about it. M is crewing a friend in an ultra race and is unlikely to be home until Sunday morning sometime, so it will be me and a group of semi-sober 20-somethings. I will prep the guest room and get out the air mattresses. My son does not even live at home anymore and still has parties at my house.

This weekend I MUST be productive here at home. I have a long list in my head that needs to be transported to a to-do list so it gets done. Mostly it revolves around garage cleaning while M is out of my way and not here to agonize over every item in boxes we have not opened in at least 3 years. Perhaps some bulk cooking as well. We have been eating a lot of odds and ends, nothing particularly nutritious, and I need to get back to doing weekend meal prep so we get more balanced meals. With two temporary crowns on either side of my mouth, food does require a little advance planning. But I can certainly do better than yogurt and cold cereal.

Have a great weekend everyone!

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