Over the weekend I wrote and mailed some “just because” cards to a few dear friends. For various reasons they had been in my thoughts and I wanted to reach out in something a little more personal than sending a text or an email.

Today I got several texts and a phone call about my random action and I was glad that I had taken the time and effort. It was a small thing, just a little gesture, but it was appreciated and brought smiles to faces. That’s all I wanted.

Now that we officially have pets, M and I are shopping for them. It’s like having children or grandchildren or being asked to be a Godparent to someone else’s children and the impulse to buy gifts becomes overwhelming. I went to the Dollar store tonight for sturdier dishes (we had been using a lid from a jar up until this point) and a couple of new toys for the boys. M attaches them to the end of a fishing pole and dangles them.

Our neighbor asked me twice tonight if we were sure we did not want to take Rosie the goldendoodle as well as the cats. Yes, we are sure. The cats are pretty self-sufficient; Rosie much less so. Besides, she will be happier living with her parents at the neighbor’s son’s house. As difficult and as crotchety as she is, I feel great sympathy that she must leave her home for assisted living. My theory is she simply dislikes being around most people and resents having to be imposed upon even by those who will be there to assist her. I hope and pray I can find more grace and gratitude if and when a similar time befalls me.

I am so glad tomorrow is Friday. It’s been a very long week packed into a single day.

One thought on “a three post kind of day

  1. Your blog your rules baby! I can’t type much but oh I wish I could. My mom went thru this. This damn keyboard. Anyway… Love that you sent cards. Very sweet and very cool and you rock!

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