So I was watching an episode of Supernatural while huffing and puffing away on my arc trainer and that’s one of the final lines in the most recent episode. The two brothers were discussing what happens after death when Sam says that what happens after doesn’t really matter, because “hope is kinda the whole point.”

How true, how true. About everything.

We have had an exhausting week. The negative energy fog seems to be all around and getting recharged daily, while the positive influences have been rather weak and ineffectual. Plus whining about it here is not necessarily helpful, but hey, it is cathartic to have a safe place to write and vent. Unfortunately not every day can be the best day ever and sometimes I lack the energy to even try to find those elusive silver linings.

I am looking forward to a weekend of decluttering and housecleaning, but we scored some great clearance deals at Target tonight. Bugbiter tiki fuel for our outside lamps. Roundup to keep the greenbelt fire line intact. Grass seed for the dead spots we have in our yard. Bug spray for hiking. Yard insect control for when we’re having bbqs and such in the back yard. All of it was 50% off. The tiki fuel I have been watching and waiting and had all but given up hope of it going on clearance, yet tonight there is was for $4.98 per bottle. The rest of our purchases were M’s domain, so if he says we need it, we need it.

I have a listed several things on craigslist and have promised and been pep-talking myself to be absolutely ruthless tomorrow in thinning out the closet and dressers of the mass quantities of clothes and shoes I rarely wear anymore. Shoes are such a big deal – I love my shoes! – but there are pairs I have not worn in years and need to just let them go. LET GO! But my brain screams “noooo! not the shoes!” The battle rages.

Hope everyone has a fantastic weekend!

2 thoughts on ““Hope is kinda the whole point”

  1. I struggle to let go of stuff sometimes but my most successful trick in the last year or so is taking photos of what I’m getting rid of. I find I start to think of things I’ve decluttered months or even years later, becoming a bit nostalgic and thinking I shouldn’t have gotten rid of whatever it is after all. And that makes me less likely to declutter further, because I being to anticipate the nostalgia and wishing I hadn’t done it feeling. Now, when I’m ready to get rid of something, even just a pile of clothes that I haven’t worn for years, I take a photo. I even set up an extra page on my blog to post the photo and a few words about what it was, where I got it and why I’ve decided to get rid of it. That last bit is particularly helpful because time can erase the reasoning behind my decisions sometimes and it’s helpful to be reminded. My sister visited me this weekend and I gave her two items that I had from our childhood home. I used to really love those pieces but somehow over the last few years my sentimental feelings towards them have cooled. So now I’ll have a couple of photos of them and the knowledge that she is enjoying them (and of course I will see them in her home in years to come, too).

    1. Thank you for sharing your thoughts and ideas. I rarely regret anything I sell, give away, throw away … it’s just “stuff” to me and I am not very sentimental. But DH is VERY sentimental, VERY attached to the hopes and dreams of things he purchases and owns. The photograph process might actually help him in letting go, and I am so grateful to you for suggesting it and sharing how it has helped you.

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