In my quest to declutter the junk and crap burning brain cells thinking about it, I listed several items last night on craigslist. Unfortunately I also requested text replies, which means my phone has been hopping and pinging since all morning long (it’s only 8:30 here). Had it been productive hopping and pinging with real people asking real questions I would have been fine with it. Instead, I have had several texts from those wishing for paypal information “for immediate payment” and that I ship the item (in this case an iPad mini) to some relative overseas.

Sorry, cash and local buyers only.

But that does not stop them. Then they offer even more money and tell me how safe paypal is for this transaction. Yanno, if I wanted to ship I would be listing on eBay. Thanks but no thanks. Being impatient and greedy and falling for a scam is not in my immediate plans.

Then there are the low-ball offer texts, which range from the ballpark-of-reasonable to the absolutely ridiculous. Reply, reply, delete, delete, delete.

Patience, I keep telling myself. Just be patient. Get a sense of humor! Laugh! I keep reminding myself that Craigslist can only shorten my life and burn through valuable brain cells if I let it. Sometimes easier thinking than putting into practice.

4 thoughts on “Craigslist is kooky

  1. Craiglist “buyers” are kooky, that’s for sure and so annoying trying to weed them out. My DH always just does email replies only, that way he doesn’t have to have his phone buzzing and can just delete the scams. Plus, even with saying just texting some try to call, which he found more annoying and didn’t want them having his # unless it seemed like a very legitimate local buyer.

    1. I know, and I have done it both ways. This time I decided to try the text option, only now I’m sure I’ll spend the next year shutting down random phone sales.

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