M and I ate out tonight. We’ve been busy with decluttering and cleaning the house and running errands and all that weekend chore jazz and just decided to eat out tonight. Of course, I have been cooking all day long and we could not just come home and eat that. Which if you are a pickier eater like I am, one that feels like baked food and baked meat and spaghetti sauce always tastes better the second day, then it makes perfect sense.

So we stopped at this casual dining restaurant. We have eaten there before, and M likes a particular hamburger and I nearly always order the smallest cut of prime rib if it’s the weekend. Up until tonight it has been consistently good. Not great, not the most fabulous prime rib I have ever tasted, but good. I am not that impossible to please.

Until tonight, anyway.

I had ordered it medium rare, crossing my fingers that it was cooked enough and not completely raw-looking in the center. What I got instead was an almost well done slab of beef that had been grilled on one side. Plus it was tough and not very flavorful. I ate about 2/3 of it and brought the rest home for the neighbor’s dog.

M and I go about 50/50 on food complaints, but we never send it back, never stiff the waiter on the tip unless service was truly atrocious. We just never order that dish again or if is truly bad for both of us we simply do not return to that establishment. Since we are not really foodies, usually the problem for me is they have overspiced my meal or somehow not prepared it in a way that my simple tastes can enjoy. For M it’s even less complicated, things like when he asks for french fries with only salt, not seasoned salt and not pepper, and he gets fries with seasoned salt and pepper. Or the food described in the menu is not what is presented on the plate. Or it’s just truly awful, which does happen from time to time.

So we spent $46 on a meal that I did not enjoy at all and M enjoyed his less knowing my meal was subpar. It will likely be well into 2015 before we visit Logan’s again. This on top of the chest freezer excavation we did earlier today, finding a couple of small roasts from 2011 buried deeply inside. Ugh. These moved with us from our rental home and into this house. Ugh. They are now in the oven and being cooked for the neighbor’s dog. Rosie-doodle is going to pine for us when she moves back in with her parents next weekend.

One thought on “Crappy restaurant food for the non-foodie

  1. I once went to an appleebees and ordered their riblet basket and the ribs were hard and overlooked. I ate them anyway and when the waitress came out I told her they might want to not serve angmore to people until the fix the cooking issue. I said I was fine with what I ate and expected to see the check next. Instead a manager came over all apologetic and offered me a new basket of food. I turned it down but got free dessert instead. My intent was not to complain for myself but to help them from serving others food that was subpar on this particular occasion.

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