It has been one of those weeks and it’s only Tuesday. This post is full of various topics and things all tied together under a mish-mash heading. Forgive me if I am not linear and clear in my various topics today.

The miracle. M received a text earlier this evening that his sister is not having surgery immediately, despite the critical nature of her cancer. Supposedly it’s being pushed back due to financial constraints. This is second hand, from his other sister, and time and presented to maximize guilt. It’s not working, but it does infuriate me. M is more even-tempered about the situation, because he’s knows his sister and the fine manipulative hands of his extended family members. I am so glad I do not have to talk to them.

Being cheap. Again, this is a personal preference and situation, but I find there has lately been a lot of chatter about “great deals” turning out to be not so great of deals after which complaining about it and gaining some sort of restitution begins. The smaller the amount of money, the more annoying I find the complaints. I am all for getting most bang for your buck, but geez, am I the only one who feels like sometimes it does not work out? Sometimes we make mistakes. Sometimes unforeseen (by us) circumstances arise and things change. Get over it. Or at least do not complain about it.

Dental frustration continues. I am hating my dental insurance right now. First it was them denying M’s crown, saying the crown was less than 7 years old and therefore ineligible for replacement. I argued. They refused my appeal. I called our former dentist and requested copies of our dental records, specifically for any work done on M’s particular tooth. They mailed me the entire file for M so far, and there is nothing in there about any work on that tooth. I called insurance company back, emailed them records for the last 7 years, no record of that tooth being worked on. They stuttered and stammered, said the records are not really complete and unacceptable unless from the dentist. I turned the tables and pulled out my files and can find no instance of them paying for any work on that tooth, and we have been with them for 8 years. Finally got them to admit they are wrong and to process payment for $918. Winner!

Except I got another notice today from them rejecting my new crown for the exact same reason. The games begin again. Tomorrow I will call our former dentist and see if they have also mailed my dental records under separate cover? Maybe the fighting with the insurance will be shorter this time. I can hope.

I was also in the office today to get my permanent crowns installed. One side was perfect right out of the package – something I never imagined possible before today. Other side was close but not quite, required a little shaving and polishing and is now great. It’s so nice to be rid of the temporary units. Only a few small patch fillings and I am done for awhile.

Office and work-related irritation. This may sound petty, but in our office we have single cell bathrooms, one for the men, one for the women. Occasionally the men utilize our bathroom, because they outnumber us 3 to 1 and sometimes theirs is occupied. We have a new guy on staff whose office is right across from the women’s bathroom. Not only has he been using our bathroom A LOT, he consistently LEAVES THE SEAT UP. Yeah, I know – not exactly first-world problems. But for goodness sakes, if you’re going to use our bathroom, have enough common sense and common courtesy to PUT THE SEAT BACK DOWN. Did he think we would not notice? I hung a sign up there tonight that was direct and to the point: PUT THE SEAT DOWN. This is the LADIES room. We should have have to deal with this particular issue. Kind of bitchy, but to the point. Trust me, this is not a conversation he wants to have with me in person.

Decluttering madness has infected me. I sold my Fitbit Flex, an iPad mini, and 4 old laptops, all of which meant packaging and shipping off to their new homes. The postman tells me I am no longer his best friend for putting out so many packages the last few days. Tomorrow I have another 2 laptops that the kids hid in the garage going off for small sums of money as well as a set of headphones. This is in addition to several bags and boxes of clothes, shoes, household kitchen gadgetry (we had 8 potato peelers; they are multiplying like bunnies in the back of the drawer), cookware, etc. I have managed to declutter 2 additional shelves in the garage and will figure out the pieces and parts related to vacuum cleaners (we presently have 3 shop vacs, 3 uprights, a canister vacuum, and a carpet shampooer) and shed a few more things. This is not all our fault and I, personally, am not an appliance hoarder. My mother had a Kirby she never used (too heavy for her), a Shark upright, and a canister vacuum, all of which M hauled home to our house because “someone we know” must need one. Probably we will keep the Kirby, a shop vac, and maybe the carpet shampooer, ever though we no longer have carpets. I am going to have to wear M down on the shampooer.

Despite my progress, I still have too much stuff. This decluttering is practically a full-time job.

So that’s my week thus far. I feel like I have accomplished a lot, yet really hardly anything at all. At least it’s only Tuesday.

2 thoughts on “Miracles. Cheapness. Dental frustration. A melting pot post.

  1. On the bright side, you realized early in the week for decluttering…and I don’t just mean high tech decluttering 🙂
    For me, it usually hits about Friday, and then I want to jack around for the weekend, so Monday starts with a brand new week of building up clutter. 😀

    1. It comes in waves, kind of like a virus. It’s super intense for a few days and then fades and I let it sit for awhile until something falls off a shelf from too much clutter or some other trigger hits.

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