There are few days in my life when I do not want to get up and go to work. It’s not that I am so crazy for my job that I cannot wait to go back, but it is a responsibility I take seriously and it is easier to stick to the routine. This morning, though, I did not want to get out of bed and shower and dress and get to the office. Exercise? Did not even enter my mind this morning, although it is typically part of my morning routine.

For whatever reason I was feeling clingy. “Stay with me,” I said to M, when he was getting up at 6 to get his vegetables juiced and his breakfast started. So he did. We had a rare weekday morning sleep later/snuggle-fest and I finally crawled out of bed at 7, which is about 90 minutes after my usual wake up/get up time.

M suggests its the coffee I have been consuming the last few weeks. We finally broke down and purchased the Keurig, and I have been having a cup of coffee mixed with chocolate protein powder before I start my cardio in the mornings. Makes a nice mocha-like shake that is quite delicious.

It’s possible he’s correct. I start/stop/start again with caffeine, and I am quite sure I will be paying for my present sins before too long when I return to decaf. But for now I am enjoying it. Plus I do not need to be so inflexible and rigid about schedules; I can force myself to exercise in the evenings, after all. Except I am so unmotivated to do so after being at work all day.

Ah well. The extra hour curled up with M was absolutely worth the drudgery this evening.

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