My son and his girlfriend have rented a home together. K’s former home was sold and she had to move in August, so since then she and G and pup-pup have been in a one bedroom apartment. Did I mention that pup-pup is a lab mix and well above the 25 lb. pet limit imposed by the apartment complex. The location of G’s apartment was also not ideal for K and commuting. She works downtown, a solid 45 to 60 minute drive, of which at least 20 minutes is getting from the apartment to a freeway, any freeway. I hate to drive so I felt her pain.

They found a 3 bedroom, 2 bath home closer to town and within 5 minutes of a freeway onramp, effectively cutting her commute by half. While a little farther for G, he can take side streets to get to school and to work. When he transfers to the local state college in the fall, his commute there will decrease as well. Plus pup-pup will now have a yard. It’s an improvement on their housing situation.

This time, they engaged movers to do the heavy lifting and get the job done. They packed the majority of their stuff and hired a crew to move it along with their furniture and stuff to the new house. Instead of taking 4 days a multiple trips across town, they were done in 4 hours. Worth every penny.

M and I have an extra washer and dryer in storage and will be taking it over this evening for them, then having dinner at a favorite neighborhood restaurant. We used to live in that area and still love this little place. Plus we get to see the new digs and play with their dog. It will be a fun evening.

Sometimes I look at my kids and where they are in life and wonder how so many years passed so quickly. C turns 29 in December, G 28 in March. Somehow M and I became middle aged in the midst of living our lives and failed to notice when it happened. But it’s good, it’s all good. I am just really glad we did not have to help with the move. I would have happily paid the $500 they handed to their moving company to avoid having to deal with it or help. Love my kids to the moon and back, but I desperately hate moving.

Other than that, and getting my hair trimmed tomorrow, I have a relatively low-stress weekend. I like it this way.

Hopefully you are all enjoying an equally relaxing weekend.

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