We ordered 2 iPhone 6 Plus phones over a month ago. We knew we would have to wait, but when ordering they said 28 to 35 days. For the last 3 weeks the order status has indicated they would ship between 11/14 and 11/21, which I was fretting about because we are leaving on vacation on 11/23, but they ship to the office and both the FedEx and UPS guys know me by name and will just put them in my office on my desk. Except today I get an email that demand has been far greater, our choices are so popular, the shipping date has been pushed back. The new estimated shipping date is 12/21, but at least I have the option to cancel my order if I do not want to wait.

No, I do not really want to wait. Especially since the website is saying iPhone 6 phones are now available. Maybe it’s only the iPhone 6 and not the 6 Plus?

Consultation with my daughter, who just picked up her iPhone 6 last week at the Apple store, and she advised just checking with the Apple store about availability. I did, and there were none left in stock today in M’s color/storage size choice (space gray, 128G). But the sales person I chatted with suggested checking tomorrow, when new inventory will arrive. So that’s my new plan: check daily until I track one down for him.

My new strategy includes waiting until he has his and is sure it’s precisely what he wants before investing in my own. I mean, the iPhone 6 Plus is kind of huge, and does M really want a phone that big once the practical implications of having it in his hands sinks in? I am fine with the supersize model, but I usually carry a purse or a backpack, too. My thinking is that if he decides after a month or so of using the big phone that the iPhone 6 would have been a better choice, I will get the iPhone 6 and trade with him.

So another line item on the to-do list: daily phone searching.

As for my #1 financial misstep, it is embarrassingly dumb.

I had an iPad mini that was sitting around gathering dust. I decided to sell it, only I did not really want to cope with Craigslist or eBay. A coworker had used cashforlaptops.com and gotten a great price for an older phone with no hassle, so I figured I would give it a try. Without checking reviews online or with the better business bureau for complaints as I typically do in such matters. I think I might have been blinded by greed when my quote for the mini was $313, so I accepted it and shipped it off, with it’s original box, charger cord, charger plug-in, etc.

Yesterday I received my confirmed offer: $48. Seriously – $48 for a fully functional, pristine iPad mini with the retina display? Are you f–king kidding me? I would have understood if they dropped down from the $313 offer because of the recent release of the iPad Air, but $48? Unbelievable.

The terms and conditions said I have 3 days to reject the offer and I had to do so by phone. I received the email offer yesterday at 4:30, and wouldn’t you know their phone hours are 7 a.m. to 4 p.m. I immediately replied to the email and said I would be rejecting the offer and started my phone quest this morning at 7 a.m.

I tracked it, and it took me 4+ hours and 56 phone calls before I finally got through to their automated hold center, where I waited for 47 minutes for the receptionist to answer and to then transfer me to the purchasing department, where I waited another 68 minutes for the purchasing agent to answer my call. Then it was another 17 minutes of heated argument, threats to add to their piss-poor reviews on yelp, complaints to the better business bureau, utilizing any and all social media resources to publicize their shady business practices and awful customer service before he agreed to return my device, original box, and all the pieces and parts I had submitted. I also reminded him on at least 3 separate occasions that I was recording our conversation for MY protection and that I had detailed photographs of the box and the serial numbers of the device I sent in and I had better get that precise one back.

For the record, I won this iPad mini from a contest with one of my business vendors, so I had nothing actually invested in it.

So, dear friends, I spent probably 3 hours on this issue today and still lack confidence that I will get my device returned in the same condition it was when I submitted it. I will not be surprised at all to find it has suffered some sort of horrific screen-side face plant in the time since it has been away from me.

Lesson learned. If I want to be lazy about selling my electronic gizmos, I will go back to Gazelle and be grateful for whatever they offer. We have used them before and their service has been straightforward and superior.

Updated to add: this is post 300! I wish I had know and written something more eloquent and profound … now that would have been a first. 🙂

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