So tonight I went off to see my stylist for a partial “low lights” appointment. I had no idea what to expect from this experience, it has been so many years since I have covered the gray in my hair AND I have/had significantly more of it. I am never going to see the brighter side of 40 again, so I did not want to try and take 10 to 15 years off my age, but I did want to tone down the overwhelming gray. Other than everyone out here reading my blog and my two female work associates, I did not tell anyone, especially M, that I was having this done tonight. He did text me, wondering what was taking so long (and conveniently forgetting that I was just last Sunday getting a trim), and I told him I was being styled and would be home soon. That was fine, he was going to go run.

Okay, so I get home with my new hair … and nothing. Nothing! He did ask me if I am going to keep the extreme side part (probably not), but my usual reply about my stylist providing me “movie star hair” satisfied him. He has not noticed anything else different.

So do I mention it? Do I say … hey, I just spent major money getting my hair done. Would you please NOTICE the difference? Or should I let it go? I did not take a “before” picture today, but this first photo is from a few weeks ago … hair did not get any darker in the days leading up to this.


And this is from tonight, with “movie star hair” courtesy of my wonderful stylist:


I dunno … maybe my husband is color blind? Or he only notices the poufy, fluffy styling? He’s always kind and complimentary about my overall appearance (M is happily married and is smart enough and diplomatic enough to know how to stay that way, after all), and while he has definite preferences (loves the present longer length enough to lobby me to not cut it back to the bob I typically sport in winter), most of the time a trim is just a trim and no major styling changes. Even when I grew my bangs out earlier this year it took probably six months before he noticed that I they failed to return when I went to get my ends trimmed.

I will give it a few days, a wash, a normal styled-by-me blow dry and flat iron treatment. Surely it’s not THAT subtle?

9 thoughts on “Hair conundrum – do I suggest M should NOTICE???

    1. I know it! I walked into the office this morning and both my female associates noticed immediately – even though it was last week when I mentioned that I was planning to do this. Ah men. At some point he might be looking at old pictures and realize I changed something. Glad to know it’s not just my husband that is blind to these things.

  1. First… I am soo happy to finally be able to put a pretty face next to your name!! 🙂 Yay! lol! Secondly, how could he NOT notice!? lol!! Maybe it’s a “man” thing? It looks soo good! And so very natural too! I don’t have much grey at all, a tiny bit at the sides which you can see when I wear my hair up, but I refuse to colour cause there’s nothing I hate more than “fake” looking hair and “roots”. lol!! Your stylist did an awesome job though.. wow.. really like it!! 🙂

    1. Thank you, dear friend! I’m still adjusting, because it’s been so long since my hair is this dark I feel surprised that it is my natural color. And as of this morning, he STILL hasn’t noticed. I mean the poufy, fluffy, “movie star” hair style went away with the sleeping on it overnight, the part is back in its usual place, and he didn’t say a word about it this morning. Ah well, I should be grateful he likes me either way. I know he has no serious opinion about it one way or the other, because he definitely would have said something if he didn’t care for it.

  2. Some guys are not wired to notice differences with their partner. Other guys will notice even the slightest change. You know him better than anyone, so you know which side of the fence he falls. Lol.

    His mind may think it is simply lighting. Simply ask him today about it. That is the only way to find the answer.

    1. My vanity is not so dependent upon his noticing changes that I am bothered; it’s more a good-natured aspect of our relationship. He notices and compliments very specifically the changes exercise has on my body, he offers his likes/dislikes of clothing and shoes I select, professes his confusion about my love of handbags, and only if I do something drastic with the length of my hair will he say something.

      1. The hair change not being drastic enough in his eyes, is what I meant in my post. Some guys are wired to notice minor details and others are not. For instance, when my wife did the ombre style last year, the colors were not pronounced as she would initially imagined they would be. I noticed, but not to the degree she wanted me to. Lol. She was expecting a different reaction, but the colors were too muted for that kind of reaction.

        She then realized the combination of the ombre used was much lighter, because she was afraid the blonde would appear too pronounced. Next time, she said she would choose a more pronounced blonde, one level brighter than the current

      2. It’s definitely a process. What M noticed was that I was excited and happy about my hair, and I think that is most important.

        I have thought about your slant on fashion as I am going through the Christmas gift shopping experiences for my children. This year is turning into a business clothing theme, and I am super excited to see their reactions, good or bad.

      3. I have connections with tailors across different countries, which is truly a blessing indeed. Wherever I go, I can be in touch with someone if necessary. One of the things I enjoy about them is their take on women’s professional wardrobe. Are you going with pants suits or mixing skirts with tops?

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