I have been locked in fierce battle with sinus/allergy symptoms since Saturday afternoon. It’s been a pleasant month or so without daily Zyrtec pills to keep from sneezing/coughing/sinus draining, so when it started so stealthily on Saturday I was caught unawares. It seems like I went from feeling pretty much fine to having a running nose and feeling tired in a quick minute. I went to bed early – 8:45 on a Saturday night – and slept straight through until 5:30 Sunday morning.

Sunday I still had issues with my nose/sinuses, so I started with the Sudafed, vitamin C, and lots and lots of water. The Sudafed worked okay, the vitamin C is always good, yet by midafternoon I was back on the Zyrtec and thinking about whether or not I was actually getting sick or merely in the clutches of an allergy flare. Another early bedtime, another 10+ hours of solid sleep, and I feel okay this morning. My voice seems a few octaves deeper, but it could sound that way to me because mye ears also feel rather stuffy. At least I am at work and mostly functional … typing this while I wait on hold with a state regulatory agency.

I have lived in and around this area my entire life. I know a lot of transplants from other countries or parts of the US that develop seasonal allergies when they moved here, but I was 30 before I had my first sinus thing flare and until about 2 years ago it was limited to spring and fall, after the first rains and when things start blooming. Now, it seems almost year round that I am taking something. Frustrating. I hate taking medication, even OTC allergy medication.

5 thoughts on “I’m so stuffy – the 2014 allergy edition

  1. Ugh, sorry you’re not feeling well. I hope it goes away.
    I’m like you, I never really experienced anything with “allergies” until I was older in life. Wierd!

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