I have twice started posts on updating our budget for 2015, and twice I have abandoned each post with one or two paragraphs written. Things at my full-time job are in a state of turmoil and I am just not ready to face that reality here at home right now. So I am tabling the exercise and the posts for sometime when is not going to put me into a foul mood.

As of this morning M had still not noticed any adjustment in my hair. It is truly good that I love the guy, because otherwise I might be developing some sort of invisibility complex. So on the advice of an articulate Gentleman, I marched into our room and asked him if he noticed anything different about my hair? He looked at me, REALLY looked at me, and said … it’s a little shorter, right? *sigh* I pointed out the lesser amount of silver hairs showing, and he looked closer, actually lifting up strands and looking at my part. “But there is still some gray there,” he says. “Less,” I say, “much less.” I show him the photographic evidence on his own iPad, and he looks again. Finally, he sort of makes that gesture of defeat (you know, hands sort of thrown out to the side while shrugging), “I guess I didn’t notice, honey. Your hair always looks great to me.” Good answer, M!

Full-time work is a depressing place to be right now, and I dread going into the office and coping with weighty matters on my desk and with my bosses. Makes me grateful to have side gigs that are easy and relatively lucrative, so much so that I have to seriously examine whether I can make it work with exiting my full-time job and increasing my contracted hours. Full-time job is a relatively tumultuous place anyway, but this week is in the red zone for personal stress.

Hope everyone else is having a simply awesome Thursday!

5 thoughts on “Updates – M and my hair, jobs, and not the budget

  1. I heard once a woman ask her husband why he never notices anything different about her, and the man replied, “I always see you as if it were the day we met…” It was touching, because I think on some level that is love in its purest form – acceptance from day 1, and nothing can change so much as to change the love one person has for another.

    And I can relate to turmoil at work…ugh!

    1. That’s a truly wonderful response. Unlike a lot of women, I am actually okay with M not noticing my hair change, because I trust him to tell me the hard truth if it were a disaster that needed to be fixed. His not noticing means it was a subtle change and looks natural enough.

      Work turmoil is THE WORST! I hate it.

  2. Disconcerted had the best reply above! But, I did laugh when I read the title of your post “NOT the budget”… you are so good with your budget I can’t imagine that it can go very awry…I may have you come do mine next!

    1. I truly enjoyed the responses from men about changes men notice. On the budgeting, since I worry about money for a living, it never seems to be completely banished from my thoughts. Occupational hazard, I guess.

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