M and I were scheduled to be in Las Vegas next week and have had to postpone our plans. Local boss has a family emergency and is unlikely to be in the office and we are in the midst of sensitive stuff that requires a corporate officer … that would be me. While I could handle it remotely via FedEx, email, and telephone calls, I felt like the seriousness warranted just postponing our plans. Wonderful M is fine with that, as he has not been feeling 100% and is also wrapped up in a furniture refinishing project at home.

While I should feel disappointed, I am actually kind of relieved. I have a lot going on at jobs, I am in full holiday prep mode, and I am happy to continue to be more hands-on involved in the work-related issues. Now I have a few extra days to get my tree bling, house bling, Christmas lights, and other planning sorted out and ready to implement.

The online shopping packages are arriving daily and cluttering up our living room. I need to sort out what is staying, what is going back, and get that done before Thanksgiving. There are still a few things to be acquired, some exchanges to be made, and of course boxes and wrapping to be done. I really want to get the tree set-up and decorated, the lights hung outside, and some missing ingredients for baking acquired for the 4-day weekend, so we can sit back and enjoy December without the stress of shopping, wrapping, preparing. In that way this vacation change is a gift itself.

A busy time of year for everyone, I know. The nice thing about Las Vegas is the festive atmosphere is 24/7 and I will appreciate it more during the slower pace of January.

5 thoughts on “Vacation postponed

  1. Vegas will always be there!!!! I agree keep it simple and get it done early. My kid helped me get out tree up today! So christmas has found its way hear earlier than usual! Xoxo

    1. It was raining here on Saturday so we didn’t get our tree and stuff out of storage. We may do so on Thanksgiving, because we will be at home and have no special plans. I really want everything up by December 1, so I can enjoy it for the whole month.

    1. This is an old oak table someone defaced with a couple of gallons of baby blue enamal paint. M had a “feeling” when we crossed paths with it at a garage sale, and a few days and $30 later we were loading it into the truck and carting it home. This was August 2012. Off and on since then he has been stripping, standing, and swearing at it, but it’s been brought down to raw wood and the artist in M is now raring to go. Next is chairs, so it might be Thanksgiving 2016 before we’re actually ready to sit down to dinner.

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