I have been doing A LOT of online shopping for C’s upcoming birthday and of course Christmas. This year I have become obsessed with actual clothing type packages for the kids, which happens every few years. Because they do pop in periodically and read periodically, I cannot tell you all about what I have been buying them. But I’m very pleased with my finds and purchases and feel confident they will like them, too.

Tonight M and I made the trek back to the mall to return several things that simply did not work out – online pictures did not quite match items received, or I did not like the quality/cut of the fabric, or the color was washed out. The reasons are varied, which is partly why my credit card balance has been rather extreme the last couple of weeks. Still, after all the returns and credits and whatnot, I am nearly done with my shopping, packages are wrapped, and I feel good about where I stand.

Now I am wondering when to pay my credit cards. Silly, I know, but I typically pay my credit card balances every week. It’s a holdover habit from our getting-out-of-debt years, where just before every payday I would figure out take whatever was left from the previous pay period and apply it to the credit card balances. In those days we got paid every week. It’s nearly the end of the month, when I like to have nice zero balances showing on my budget tracking, even if there are charges still waiting out there to post.

I am trying really hard to teach myself restraint and patience; I find it nearly impossible to wait until a credit card statement closes. For whatever reason I feel more secure paying off charges each week, every week, any and all credit cards we might use. Because of the returns I have not yet paid the balances on two of our credit cards and it is nearing the end of the month, when I like to see a neat line of $0 owing. I am growing anxious about the $706 sitting on my online shopping account, which is completely ridiculous. I have a very high limit on that card, I have the cash sitting in my checking account, and it’s merely a few clicks and it’s paid. But I am trying to wait. It’s so much harder than I expected.

It feels like an addiction. As addictions go it’s harmless, but still … it’s a habit that has me in its thrall. I hate that.

2 thoughts on “Shopping and credit card payment obsessing

    1. M and I don’t typically shop/buy gifts for each other. I think we are doing breakfast on Christmas day this year. Since we can be early risers, it’s works out well with all the other family members they will want to see/visit throughout the day.

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