Thanksgiving day is winding down, although in truth it never really wound that up for M and I. We have been puttering around the house most of the day, untangling Christmas lights and unpacking stuff for the decorating that should occur this weekend. And talking on the phone to friends and family near and far. G called this morning from Michigan to wish us a happy day and report on the time they are  having. K has caught a virus, which happens when you go from mild northern California weather to much colder Michigan AND are staying in a home with a baby in residence. C called after her work shift and on their way to her grandmother’s home. Plus our young friend visiting in the midwest, and a few other people we know who are far from home this holiday season. May I just say Hawaii sounds like loads of fun?

Tomorrow I have plans to meet and conclude a craigslist sale at 7:30 in the morning. She lives about 40 miles from me but was heading to the mall for Black Friday sales, so I’m meeting her across from the mall, after which I am driving either to the office for a couple of hours or straight back home. Either way I expect the afternoon to be focused on hanging lights and getting our tree up. We shall see how it works out.

I am excited about getting Christmas started around here. Shopping is nearly done, just waiting for a couple of packages to be delivered so I can finish wrapping and get myself out of the shopping trance. My self-control and discipline about spending has completely out the window lately, and I simply must finish with my buying/spending spree and get back to enjoying the season. Other than a haircut next Sunday, I have no plans to visit any malls or shopping villas on the weekends, and in truth I cannot think of much else we need to purchase. Food, drinks, and a coffee gift card for my admin are all that remains on my shopping list. Thank goodness! I hope to bury myself in year-end work for my various jobs as well as a several books waiting to be read on my kindle as well as actual books on my nightstand. Something, anything other than shopping!

The fluff buckets have also learned a new trick. Their feeding bowls and treats are dispensed on the family room deck, only the bowls were empty from their dinner earlier. Simon has grown accustomed to our appearing with treats in the evenings, except tonight I am in the office and M is in our bedroom occupied with other things. No cats were on the deck earlier and therefore no treats were forthcoming, until there was apparently quite a racket on the deck outside our bedroom. M turned on the porch light and opened the shade, expecting to find a raccoon or possum raising hell, only to find Simon batting at the window and knocking over a small table we keep there (it’s a bit flimsy for them to be jumping on top of it). Treats, his expression says; where are my treats? As the indentured cat owners we have become, M dutifully went to the family room and dispensed the his evening allotment of kitty treats.

We are so screwed. Those cats have us wrapped around their fluffy white paws.

4 thoughts on “Black Friday plans

  1. Your gift buying etiquette is right there with my wife, in regard to getting it out of the way, making sure you acquire give for other members of the staff, etc. I find Simon to rather funny. LoL. How long have you had him?

  2. They need an edit function on WordPress. I meant “to be rather funny,” but I somehow erased “be” while pasting the response. LoL. It should also be “gifts” and not “give.”

    1. I agree on that edit button, because despite my best efforts to proofread comments, I always find that final, obvious typo once it’s published.

      Our cats were only adopted at the beginning of this month, when our elderly neighbor was finally convinced by her children that she could no longer live alone and care for herself and her animals. It was a tough decision, and we agreed to take the cats because they are already accustomed to being outside 24/7. This is after 2.5 years of repeated bribes buying their tolerance and affection, and now that we have them into a certain pattern of behavior, we apparently must be consistent in our dispensing of food or one of them is going to be knocking on the door. *laugh*

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