M and I are puttering around the house today. G and K are in Michigan visiting K’s brother and his family, C has to work today (unfortunately pets get injured and fall ill and need emergency care on holidays) and then she and A will be at her grandparents’ home for a dinner plate and dessert. The 6 of us will be together on Sunday for November’s family dinner. G and K are back and it’s C’s day off.

Every day I realize how fortunate, how blessed we are, so Thanksgiving is a little extra special in that we hear from friends far away and also get to read/listen to others count their blessings and express thanks. For us, our entire little family is enjoying good health, financial and emotional stability, and opportunities this day and week to spend time with those we love most. This week, M and I recognize again that we have truly great friends who are caring and supportive through the best and worst of times. While M remains sad and reflective in wake of his father’s passing, our family, our friends, our faith consoles and bolsters both of us.

To my American readers, I hope today is a peaceful and joyous holiday, and at least for today, you can enjoy a holiday from day-to-day life and all its concerns. From our home and family to you and yours, Happy Thanksgiving.

And to all my readers and followers, I am truly grateful to and appreciate the time each and every one of you spends here with me. Thank you for reading my missives and following along with me on my life’s adventures.

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