M and I ended up caving and actually visiting one of the larger malls in our area this morning. My craigslist buyer got there early, like 6:30 this morning, and wondered if we could meet there instead of the nearby location I had suggested. Since it was so early, I agreed to the change. She texted me photos of the near empty lot where she was parked, so we felt better about going. An hour later the parking lot was still spaciously empty and we were able to conclude our transaction quickly and efficiently. Since we were already there, at the mall, we went inside, braced for crowds of shoppers.

At 7:30 a.m. on Black Friday, it was like a typical slower-traffic evening at the mall. Come to find out most of the big stores had been open continuously since 6 p.m. Thursday and would not be closing until 11 p.m. tonight. We did a leisurely stroll through the place, mostly looking at the holiday decorations and checking out Santa’s residence. We did wander through a few stores in search of additional holiday bling, but walked out 90 minutes later empty handed, our black Friday shopping experience concluded.

With the advances in online shopping, I would much rather spend quality time with my UPS and FedEx drivers as I sign for my holiday gifts. As I mentioned, I am awaiting delivery of a couple final packages and then my gift shopping is pretty much done. Next week I’ll by the gift cards from Scooters coffee for my admin, then sit back and enjoy the rest of the season. We will still keep an eye on the sales – there are a few items on our household wish list we will fulfill if the prices are right – but other than that, I think we are done.

M had a text from a friend for a run when we got home, so he’s out doing 10 miles right now. This afternoon we’re hanging our Christmas lights and getting the tree set-up. Our mantle looks so pretty with new holiday decor additions, much better than I had anticipated. So the blinging-out the house for the holiday is truly underway.

I cannot wait to get our lights up and lit. It’s so exciting to me when the neighborhoods start their displays and I’m delighted with our simple additions.

One thought on “Black Friday shopping … what’s the fuss about?

  1. My BF shopping is limited to Rite-Aid drugstore to get the freebies I can use. I never saw the attraction of waiting in the cold and dark for stores to open and to be caught in a stampede. lol

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