The weekend certainly went by quickly. After our brief foray into black Friday madness M and I hung out with different friends in town for the holiday. These holiday weekends can be tricky for get togethers, with so many of our parents getting significantly older and our children having babies and young families as well. One of my friends put it very succinctly: “It is so nice to hang out with adults who speak in complete sentences.” *laugh* I believe we all love our families – the elderly adults, the adult kids, the grandbabies – but there is something unique and special about kicking back and hanging out with long-time friends you only see a few times each year.

Saturday was airport day, with two trips to pick up both our young friend and G/K from their adventures. Young friend had mostly a good time, but it was troubling as well, culminating in her moving to a hotel room for the last couple days of her stay. She had gone to Ohio to spend some time with baby Joseph and his parents and meet the extended family. While the adopting parents were wonderful, warm, and inclusive, close members of the extended family were very suspicious and unfriendly. It was unexpected and upsetting for all concerned, but because it was their family and their holiday, she did what she thought was best and left their home for a hotel, which somehow made things worse. The adopting parents apologized repeatedly and came to her to spend time with her, but it was very hard. What started at as a positive and exciting experience turned into a much harsher life-lesson.

The airport here was a madhouse and her flight was delayed a couple of hours. No sooner than we dropped her at home we had to race back out there for G and K, who were returning from Detroit. The online status indicated they would be on time, but in reality we waited nearly 35 minutes for them to land, retrieve their bags, etc., and we were 10 minutes late arriving. All was well, though, other than a couple of passes by the terminal as we searched for the cell phone lot. Our airport seems to move it from time to time, and this lot was different than the last time we were there retrieving family or friends.

G and K had a nice visit, but they said a week was a little too long, that 4 days would have been more ideal. With K’s baby neice getting out was quite a bit of a production, so they did not go out a great deal together. Being childless and young, they would have liked to have gone out to experience restaurants and sample Ann Arbor’s nightlife a bit more, but it did not quite work out that way. K also caught a bug and was down a couple of days. All in all it was good to see her brother/sister-in-law/niece, but they are so happy to be at home.

Today M and I have been hauling the Christmas tree and our Christmas stuff from storage and preparing to decorate our home. Only it was pouring much of the day after we got home, so our exterior lights did not get hung and the tree is still sitting in its big giant box in the living room. The kids were here for dinner with a few friends in tow, so much of my afternoon was spent baking cookies and preparing for our meal. This is one of those occasions when I am so happy we have double ovens. I am glad that I remain flexible enough to enjoy having a meal and spending time catching up rather than worrying about the state of my house with boxes of Christmas stacked what seems like everywhere. We ended up having homemade pizza and salad, chocolate chip cookies for desert. No leftover turkey or pumpkin pie at our house, I’m afraid. I sent leftovers and bags of cookies home with the kids and their guests, so the temptation for M and I to finish them has been removed. Thank goodness. December is always a very long month with regard to sweets.

All in all, it’s been a pretty fabulous weekend. I wish I did not have to return to work tomorrow.

2 thoughts on “Decking the hall

    1. We have a 12 foot artificial tree. Actually, with just the two of us we tend to go a little crazy these days with holiday decor. When the kids were little and at home we didn’t do much by way of decorating, but now we seem to have time, space, and money to spend on such things, so we do.

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