It has been raining and raining and raining here for the last two days. I have not actually seen the fluff buckets since Tuesday morning and would be worried if M had not sighted them each today at their food dish. With our allergies no way could we peacefully coexist inside the house, but still … it’s pouring and they are out there. It was so much easier to just ignore the worry or sympathy when they were not our responsibility.

With the continual downpours we cancelled our plans for a Costco run, postponing until tomorrow or whatever evening the rain is not coming down. Our neighbor who is coordinating the troop boxes would really like to have everything by Friday evening, so she can make organize, pack, and have them shipped on Saturday morning. No matter what, we will make our Costco run and fulfill our commitments. Just not tonight, unfortunately.

What we are doing instead? M has been working on the gutters and I just ordered the rain chain we have been considering for several months. In this deluge, though, it would likely not make a difference with so much rain coming down. But at least it’s done, one more item off the list.

We ordered in tonight, pizza from our favorite local place tonight. I tipped him extra for bringing him out in the rain. Our healthier eating will resume tomorrow.

I know we’re being kind of whiney about this rain thing, because there are much worse places to live with bigger weather problems. But this is what we know, and the drought years have made us lazy and forgetful about what a regular winter storm season looks like. The past few years this level of rains has not been starting until January or February and lasting only a short period. This year there may actually be natural snow in the sierras for the skiers and snowboarders.

M and I are mostly lying low, stuffed with pizza and chatting with friends about the California International Marathon this weekend. We know a lot of people competing, and just today a friend asked if he and his running partner could stay over with us on Saturday night, so our guest room is now filled. G and K are also hosting a friends for the same event, so I invited them and their guests over on Saturday night for dinner. It will be a fun if hectic weekend. I hope it’s not still raining.

Things are mellow around here tonight, which is a nice change. Our tree is slowly getting decorated, with a few baubles place, a few more moved around this evening. Since we’re now having guests I have promised myself to get it done tomorrow night, so I may be up late finishing up that sort of thing.

M went for a long, soggy run today, came home soaked. But he was far more cheerful and upbeat tonight, with a list of things we need to do before CIM this weekend and to get done before the holiday socializing shifts into high gear. I have 8 dozen cupcakes to bake, frost, and deliver next Saturday for the holiday party, so he’s on his own with his to-do list; I am fully occupied with my own.

Sadness is in the air all around us, but we are reminding ourselves how fortunate we are with all we have. We are also taking comfort in things like pizza, good chocolate, and the fantastic taste of Mexican coke (the cola). I might not sleep until tomorrow night because of the caffeine, but M got me one while out-and-about earlier today and I enjoyed every single ounce of it while eating pizza tonight.

Life is good, even tinged with sadness and grief. It’s good to have friends, both online and in real life, who remind me of that fact. While not actually making lemonade today, we are doing well with the metaphorical lemons we have been dealt lately. And that is a very good thing.

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